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Database Testing Assignment Help
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Database Testing Assignment Help

Database Testing is a major testing that needs a tester to be an expert in writing queries, checking tables, and procedures. Testing may be performed on desktop or web application and database may be used in the applications like Oracle or SQL. Many projects such as finance, banking, and health insurance require extensive database testing. If you need Database Testing assignment help, then BookMyEssay is the right platform for you. At BookMyEssay, the technology team experts offer the most efficient as well as the quick way to help the professionals and the students in completing their database assignments. Database testing includes data integrity testing, data validity testing, testing of procedure and functions, performance regarding the database. Students from universities and colleges look for assignment paper help on Database Testing because we have experts working round-the-clock to ensure that they submit the assignments on time. Moreover, our online homework writers write every concept from scratch so there is not an element of plagiarism in it.

Database Testing – An Overview

The computer applications are very complicated nowadays with the introduction of the technologies such as Android and the smartphone applications. If the front end programs are complex then the back end becomes more intricate. Therefore, it is very important to know about database testing and this way you can validate the databases effectively for ensuring quality and security databases.

The following aspects of the database testing that should be validated are explained by our Database Testing case study writing help experts:

  • Data Mapping – In the software systems, often the data travels to and from the user interface to the database backend and vice versa. So, there are some aspects that must be looked into: Check whether the User Interface fields are mapped in a consistent manner with the similar fields in the database table. The mapping information is explained in the required documents.When an action is performed, the front end of the application gets a corresponding CRUD action is invoked at the back end. A tester should check whether the right action gets invoked and whether this action achieves the success or not.
  • ACID validation – Every database transaction should adhere to the following four properties such as the following:
    1. Atomicity – The transaction either passes or fails. It means that even when one part of any transaction fails the entire transaction fails.
    2. Consistency – A transaction results in the valid database state.
    3. Insolation – When the multiple transactions are executed at once then the result of the database must be the same just like they were executed just one after the other.
    4. Durability – When the transaction is performed, the external factors such as power crash or loss can change it.
  • Ensure data integrity – When you consider the situation where different modules of the application utilizing the same data but in different ways and also performs the CRUD operations, then the latest data should reflect everywhere. The system should show the status of the shared data or the recent values of the data on the forms and the screens. This is known as data integrity.

The tests that may be performed to validate the data integrity are as follows:

  • Check whether the triggers are at their places for updating the reference table records.
  • Check whether any invalid/incorrect data is there in the major columns of every table.
  • Trying to put in wring data in the tables and see whether there is any failure.
  • Checking what shall happen when you insert the child details prior to inserting the details of the parent.
  • Testing whether any failure happens when you delete the record but is referenced by data may be in other tables.
  • Check whether the replicated databases and servers are in sync.

The database is a critical and a core part in all the software applications. So, database testing needs good SQL skills, keen attention, proper training, and proper knowledge of the database structure.

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