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Corel Painter Assignment Help
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Corel Painter Assignment Help

What are Corel Painter?

Corel Painter is a digital art application produced for stimulating accurately the behavior and appearance of the traditional media linked with painting, drawing, and printmaking. It is meant to be used by the professional digital artists in real-time as the functional creative tool. If you want an effective Corel painter assignment help, then BookMyEssay is the perfect solution. This application offers an extensive range of tools and materials for the traditional artists. With the help of the computer mouse or a graphics tablet, the user can produce drawing media and physical painting effects like oil, chalk, watercolor, color pencil, and charcoal. The assignment writing services offered by the best Australian writers of BookMyEssay is a reliable and a trustworthy solution for the students pursuing this course. We have hired specialized experts so the students do not have worry about the quality and moreover, we always provide the best Corel Painter homework and assignment help within the deadline.

Corel Painter- An overview

You have to be very serious while learning Corel Painter. It is a complete application based software with hundreds of tools useful in digital art related works as depicted above. Your knowledge should be as good as the experts of Corel Painter case study assignment help.

Corel Painter is well-known for its realistic and responsive brushes, great special effects, and many rich textures that are not found in any kind of program. The biggest difference between a Corel Printer and an Adobe Photoshop is the warmth and texture of the paper textures and natural media brushes of the Corel Painter. The brushes have realistic bristles, which lay down the dry-media and oil paint brushes like in the variants in a Chalk and Pastel, which are sensitive to the canvas’ textures.

Property Bar

Property bar is at the top of the screen that is quite similar to an option bar in Photoshop. This bar changes contextually that depends on the tool you select from the toolbox.

 Brush Selector Bar

Brush Selector bar is on the left side of the property bar that can make you open a brush library panel. This panel has the amazing brush variants and brush categories of Corel Painter like the Real Watercolor Brushes.

Color Panel

On the top right corner of the screen is the color panel that can help you to choose colors. You can select the colors using the saturation/value triangle and the Hue ring. But, if you mix the colors using the numbers, the three sliders can be adjusted, which are located below the Hue Ring. When you click the panel options on the right-hand side of the color panel, the sliders can be set for displaying Green, Red, Hue, Blue, value, and Saturation. In a Corel Painter, the color panel can be resized when you drag the handle to the lower-right corner for resizing it. Color panel resizing helps in color selection more accurately. The functions of the Color Panel are elaborately discussed in our Corel Painter assignment writing help.


The basic paper texture gets loaded automatically once you begin the Corel Painter. You can use the rich paper textures when you click on the Paper Selector from the Paper Libraries or Paper Selector.

Layers and Mask Channels

In this Corel Painter, the Photoshop files can be opened containing the layer masks and the pixel-based layers. You can access as well as edit the layer masks and the layers with Layers panel, just like Photoshop. The files that get opened in Corel Painter have several channels intact.

Corel Painter offers you the flexibility to open the PSD or the Adobe Photoshop files saved in CMYK, RGB, and grayscale modes when you preserve the mask channels and the pixel-based layers. the TIFF files can be opened in a Corel Painter but only a single mask channel can be preserved.

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