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Adobe Photoshop Assignment Help
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Adobe Photoshop Assignment Help

Adobe Photoshop is regarded as one of the best photo editing software to give marvelous visual effects to a simple image or data. It is used to edit or design images with tremendous flexibility of expression. The users combine their creativity and expression with the features available in the Adobe Photoshop to do just anything in the field of designing and morphing. Students of Adobe Photoshop course seek only one name for their Adobe Photoshop assignments as they are well-written by the team of BookMyEssay.  If you want Adobe Photoshop assignment help, then contact to us.

History of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the creation of two brothers, Thomas Knoll and John Knoll, who made this invention possible in 1988. Later, in 1989, John sold this software to Adobe systems, which marketed it under the brand name of ‘Photoshop’. Soon after the launch, it has become the benchmark of image editing. It can run on Windows and Mac OS and not on Linux.

The Photoshop software was written first for displaying basically the images on screen only. Later, John wrote the full program in which the editing of these images can also take place. They eventually called it ‘Photoshop’. The first 200 copies of Photoshop were sold with slide scanners under a deal between Knoll brothers and Barneyscan, the scanner manufacturer. Later, John gave a demonstration of this software to Mr. Russell Brown, the then Art Director of Adobe and Apple. They were quite impressed and purchased the license for distribution in 1988. Then the Adobe Photoshop was available only for Macintosh (as collaborated with Apple).

What Are The Main Features of Adobe Photoshop?

The design of Adobe Photoshop is advantageous to the user in editing of raster images. This is done in multiple layers which supports transparency. The layers can also act as masks or filters which can alter underlying layers of images thus giving them special effects. The flexibility of the software allows the usage of shadows and other effects. The application of several color schemes or color models is also possible like RGB, spot color, CMYK, Duotone or Lap color space.

There are two types of files which can be saved using Adobe Photoshop are:

  • Files with .PSD extension: These files are saved with .PSD extension or Photoshop Document. These files have a maximum of 30, 000 megapixels of width along with height. The file size limit is 2 GB (Giga bytes).
  • Files with .PSB extension: These files are saved with .PSB extension or Photoshop Big. These are quite large files which have maximum of 3, 00, 000 megapixels of width along with height. The file size limit is around 4 EB (Exa bytes).

The capability of Adobe Photoshop is greatly enhanced by using additional add-on programs called Photoshop plug-ins. Some of the plugins are created by Adobe like, Adobe Camera Raw, but most of the plugins are developed by third parties under instructions from Adobe. The specific requirements of Adobe are taken under consideration while developing these plugins. Some of these are free and some paid. Most of these run on Photoshop platform but some can run independently also.

Why You Need to Get Help for Adobe Photoshop Assignments?

Adobe Photoshop is morphing software in which the user has to be very creative. It is used for image editing, graphic designing and digital art. Students of Photoshop should be efficient in generating ideas to work with Photoshop. They are given assignments in which complex tasks are to be done on this software. They find the theoretical part quite monotonous. Some of the students lack writing style needed for the assignments. All these factors make the students seek professional Adobe Photoshop assignment writing help from the leading online assignment providers. The Adobe Photoshop assignments are the most sought after assignments. These are approved by the leading professors from top universities in the world. The writing style and the quality of the Adobe Photoshop homework and assignment has made students get best grades in their courses. The assignments are very easy to understand and give a clear idea about the topic of the assignments.

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