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Definition of Bugzilla

This is a study, feature filled and top charting system that is aimed at bug-tracking. To put it simply, it facilitates the web developers to keep a track of defects entering into a system that further allows them to resolve the same in time. this tool is effective at identifying and reporting outstanding bugs, issues, need for enhancement along with change requests that are present in the products. It is full of impressive features with high end bug-tracking capabilities which is set in close in close integration with source code management environments like Github and other equivalents.

For user’s benefit, Bugzilla is freely accessible and users an administrator are free to use it the way they like. Even though it is free, it does not fall back on offering features that make it a better deployment as compared to its counterparts offering free software access. Therefore, it finds extensive application and is present across many organizations based globally. For advance information you can take Bugzilla assignment help from BookMyEssay writers, they solve your all queries in their assignment.

Features Discussed in Bugzilla Assignment

Bugzilla as stated above is a web-based system which is essential to be installed on a server so that it can be used. Its installation is quite simple and any new user can perform the same without facing issues. It is used in high-volume, topmost complex environments and is supported by a devoted team. It is also instilled features which lacks a range of expensive solutions. This software is highly employed by leaders in the technology which is installable on a range of operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. Apart from being highly rated, it endows a range of benefits that aim at improving communication, high-end product quality, enhanced customer satisfaction, assure accountability, better productivity, etc. This software is easily adapted to a range of situations and boasts of progressive search capabilities. Professional Bugzilla assignment writing service provided by BookMyEssay developers is a reasonable and 100% original assistance to the students who are in need to complete their project on-time.

Two Major Forms of Bugzilla Search

It executes a basic bug search which is similar to Google which has bene simplified for new users and aims at searching a complete text of a bug. It is also a very advanced search system wherein users can create a search they want which is inclusive of time-based searches along with various very-specific queries. Some features include the following:

  • Filing/Altering Bugs – Adding to the online interface, users can mail Bugzilla which in turn creates a new bug or make modification in an already present bug.
  • Email Notifications – A Bugzilla receive an email about any modifications introduced in Bugzilla wherein they receive notifications which is fully controlled by preferences stated by user.
  • Reports and Charts – This is an advanced reporting system, which expresses how bug database appears in the current state.
  • Bug Lists expressed in varying Formats (iCal, Atom, among others) – When a user searches for bugs wherein they receive results in different formats apart from basic HTML.
  • Scheduled Reports via Email – It is an impressive system which sends out results of a specific search to a user or a group within a given schedule.
  • Duplicate Bug Detection Automatically – As soon as a bug is filed in Bugzilla, they need to type a short summary explaining the details. It also automatically searches for identical bugs and facilitates the users to enrol themselves in the CC list.
  • Time Tracking – This enables the users to estimate time in which a bug will be fixed. This also involves setting a timeline till what time it will be completed.
  • Request System – It is another method of taking permission from users to act on something that entails a particular bug. Post assessing the request, other user s facilitated to grant the enlisted request, or can deny the request. In this system, Bugzilla is employed to keep a track the given answer. This feature is also used for a range of purposes such as asking for code review, asking for information from a user, or receive a sign-off from the respective manager among others. Also, this system is highly flexible in nature that enables the users to make independent decisions when it comes to its use.

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