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ASP.NET is an open source programming language which is a web application framework used for developing the dynamic web pages. Microsoft developed this programming language and it enables the webmasters, web developers, and the programmers in developing effective web applications, websites, and web services with great ease. Students who are pursuing a degree in the courses like Computer Applications, Computer Science and Information Technology are given assignments on ASP in their academic career. It has been observed that the students often find it problematic to solve the assignments either due to insufficient subject knowledge or the tight deadlines. If you are also facing such problems and fearful of scoring poor grades, then avail online ASP assignment help from BookMyEssay. Our expert tutors can deliver you excellent assignment writings and can assist you in scoring top grades. We can assure you in providing high-quality academic writing services.


ASP or Active Server Page is the HTML page which includes the small embedded programs which are processed on the Microsoft web server before sending the page to the server. It is a platform that provides a complete software infrastructure and a programming model for building robust web applications for the mobile devices as well as the PCs. It is a part of Microsoft.Net platform. These applications are the codes that are written using the reusable and the extensible objects available in the .NET framework. This application can be written in the languages such as C#, JScript, J#, Visual Basic.NET. It can be utilized for producing interactive and data web applications on the internet.

This application offers three kinds of frameworks for creating the web applications such as the ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Pages, and the ASP.NET, MVC. All these three frameworks are mature and stable and a user can create a web application using any one of these three. Each framework has a different kind of application and a different audience. Your choice may be dependent on the framework you are comfortable with or your experience on the web development or the best-fit one for your application. All these three frameworks are supported, improved, and updated.

  • NET Web Forms – This framework is for those developers who like control based programming like the Microsoft Windows Forms and WPF/Silverlight. If you are a newbie in web programming are familiar with the RAD client development programmes you can build a web application without any expertise in JavaScript and HTML.
  • NET MVC – This programming targets the developers that are interested in the principles and patterns such as separation of concerns, test-driven development, dependency injection, and inversion of control. It separates the business layer of the web applications from the presentation layer. It helps in managing the complexities of bigger applications.
  • NET Web Pages – This one targets the developers who desire for a simple web development just like the PHP. It is designed specifically as a lightweight framework and it is an easy entry point for those people who are aware of HTML but do not have a vast experience in programming.

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