Sociology can be defined in several ways like the study of human sciences and social behavior; the study of origins, organizations, institutions, and development of the society; or the scientific analysis of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction and culture. In simpler words, sociology looks at the society from all the angles and makes observations on how humans interact within that society, how culture affects the individual and others around him/her, the surrounding issues of global concern, etc. It is basically an observational study.

What is Applied Sociology?

Applied sociology refers to that stream of sociology which involves the utilization of sociological theory, its methods and the related skills for the collection and analysis of data and for the communication of found facts and figures for better understanding and solving of rational issues of the consumers. It is that branch of more than a dozen fields of broad sociology which deals with the scientific study of society as a whole and is deemed the practical side of sociology. Because it takes up all the theories and researches for the application of that knowledge to the sociological methods that are supposed to be carried out in order to find solutions of the problems that persist within the society only. This usage of theories, researches, and methods for executing concerned purposes is called ‘sociological practice’. Today, it plays a vital role in the world’s growth as it works on every level and in all the fields as it uses quantitative and qualitative methods (positivism) to study society and apply science.

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What is Clinical Sociology?

Clinical sociology is that practice which focuses on health mediation, for example, public health campaigns, social policies, community health services, working with medical practitioners, etc. If we try to explain it easily, it is practice-oriented and focuses on case studies; it is humanistic, diagnostic, and is adapted towards changes that could primarily be the behavioral change along with a growth. It works with individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and communities and hence tries to grasp the factors of the society which confines the individual from being operative at his level best. It can move beyond the consumer’s construction of the problem for considering other aspects that distress the functioning, mainly the broad social trends, uses insights and the sociological imagination. To attain in-depth knowledge or clear your thoughts about clinical sociology, you don’t need to join any classes. Just check sociology assignment writing help by logging on to BookMyEssay where you will get answers to all your questions, quick, easy, and convenient.

Sociological practice is more of a general term that stands for both applied and clinical sociology. The basic difference between both of streams of sociology is that applied sociology draws it research in a way to identify the issues faced by any person or a group, whereas, clinical sociology creates plans and practical involvements intended to decrease or get rid of the problem.

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