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Apache Cordova Assignment Help
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Apache Cordova Assignment Help

An Introduction to Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova, formerly known as PhoneGap is a framework of mobile application development, created originally by Nitobi. Adobe Systems bought Nitobi in the year 2011 and then named it as PhoneGap, later on, the open source version was released known as the Apache Cordova. It allows the software programmers for building the applications on the mobile devices using HYML5, CSS3, JavaScript rather on relying on APIs such as iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Students who want a well-researched and well-versed Apache Cordova assignment help approach BookMyEssay. We have hired the Cordova experts in our team of writers so that they can offer the most genuine and the reliable academic assignment help. Our online tutors follow every minute guideline of the university and this helps the students to achieve top grades in their assignments. We offer an error-free and plagiarism free Apache Cordova case study assignment writing service within the deadline.

Apache Cordova: An Overview

Nitobi/Cordova donated the codebase of PhoneGap to ASF or Apache Software Foundation for the purpose of incubation. This was done to ensure open governance and transparency is understood and well-documented. It was also to facilitate contribution by the large organizations. Many organizations are comfortable with the license of the Apache Foundation but also have CLA with Apache.

PhoneGap distributes Apache Cordova. It is an engine, which powers the PhoneGap just similar to how WebKit powers the Safari or Chrome. PhoneGap is a free distribution and an open source software of Apache Foundation. The only difference between Apache Cordova and PhoneGap remains in the download package.

Nothing has changed for the developers building the PhoneGap applications. It is still openly licensed and free. If you want to build the cross-platform apps using JS, HTML, and CSS then you can use PhoneGap for all the things that you need. Apache Cordova is the place for those people who are interested to contribute to an open source project that powers PhoneGap. Therefore, while offering assignment assistance on Apache Cordova, the features of PhoneGap are considered.

Apache Cordova is extending the features of JavaScript and HTML for working on the device. The applications, as a result, are hybrid, this means that are neither truly native nor completely web-based. The contributors to the project of Apache Cordova include Blackberry, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Mozilla, and many others.

The applications of Apache Cordova utilize HTML5 and CSS3 for Javascript and rendering.  HTML5 offers access to the hardware like the camera, accelerometer, and GPS. The support of the browser for HTML5 device access does not remain the same across the mobile browsers including the earlier Android versions. For overcoming all these difficulties, it has embedded the HTML5 code by using a foreign interface for accessing the native resources. It is possible to extend with the help of native plug-ins thus allowing the developers to include more functionalities, which are taken from JavasCript. This way communication can be done directly between HTML5 page and the native layer. The plugins permit access to the camera, accelerometer, file system, compass, and microphone of the device.

Some of the features of Apache Cordova are as follows, our experts associated with Apache Cordova research paper writing help are also well-aware about all the features including the upgraded features of Cordova:

  • It has a robust backend that can speed up the process of development significantly and can reduce the efforts of the developers.
  • It is open source. It compiles modules and new codes that are freely available due to its open source license.
  • It offers high flexibility to a developer because he can develop a mobile app minus serious efforts. Developers, who are familiar with the knowledge of CSS3, HTML, and JavaScript can develop this. They do not have to know any additional language.

There are scores of other important and interesting aspects of Apache Cordova which needs equal attention on your part to write the assignments or dissertation, thesis writing on Apache Cordova efficiently. There is no scope to commit any mistake, otherwise, you will not be able to fetch high marks. If you have any confusion about the assignment topic or any aspect of Cordova, contact our Apache Cordova assignment help professional support.

Professional and Confidential Help from BookMyEssay

Cordova as a subject is a tricky one. Apart from the basic knowledge of all the aspects of it, you have to be equally proficient in homework assignment writing. The examiners will test your professional approach and how do you tackle the complicated issues related to the subject. For some professional touch, you need professional Apache Cordova assignment help from the experts who have years of experience in this field. We promise to provide you with 24/7 writing service and the best writers along with several other benefits. Moreover, we have kept the prices affordable for the students, there are no hidden charges as well.

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