It is crucial to have proper electrical connections if you want your circuit to work. Studying and analyzing electric circuits can be complicated sometimes. Many common mistakes occur when you are starting it out for the first time. If you want to neglect these errors then here we are sharing some of the simplest ways that would help you avoid such mistakes. Whether you are working on a small electric circuit or tacking a huge electrical industry project it is always important to take care of such mistakes before it turns into something terrific. To get the best knowledge about these you can take Electric Circuit assignment writing help from the expert academic writers of BookMyEssay.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Electric Circuits

Avoid using the little box: The electrical box should have the appropriate size so that the wires don’t get stuffed together in it. This would make your box look over-filled and clashing of the wires could increase the risk of short-circuiting and overheating. It is suggested by the professionals to take the size of the box specified by the national electrical code.

Make the right connections: The connection of the wires with a junction box is mandatory. It helps in safeguarding the entire setup. It should be protected against accidental damage at all costs. These damages can occur because of heats and sparks.

Avoid math errors in the circuit design: When designing circuits there is always the slightest chance of mathematical errors in it. You should also neglect the trigonometric errors while working on the second-order circuit. Therefore, double-checking your calculations especially when you are working on the electric circuits is important in so many ways.

Pay attention to the voltage: Most of the time students think that voltage across the constant current is zero. But this is not always true. This only happens when they do not pay attention to the resistance and constant current source. You can take an online custom assignment writing service from the experts.

Misidentifying parallel device and series: The students often struggle with the identification of devices and series. To avoid this mistake, here are two major points:

  • Series connection: If you want to connect two devices in the series it is possible through junction point (node). All the devices that are connected with the series share the same amount of current.
  • Parallel connection: If devices are connected in a parallel position then it shares two junction points. These parallel devices share common voltage.

Incorrect simplification of circuits: The students often make an attempt to simplify the complex structure. This makes it easier to analyze the circuit. However, if you have done it incorrectly then you should know that it could lose terminals. As a result, your circuit wouldn’t be equivalent anymore.

Unsecured cables and wires: While installing cables and wires it is always important to keep them secure in the circuit. It would protect your circuit from all kinds of risks.

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