Are you confused which subject you should choose to make your career in the field of business and money management, the accounting or finance? This is the question that comes to every student’s mind who is in undergraduate or postgraduate program.

To make your choice easy, what you can do is take the take accounting and finance subject both in the undergraduate program. In the undergraduate program, you are allowed to take accounting and finance degree in many universities worldwide, as in the undergraduate program, the course contains general information about both accounting and finance professions. However, when you study further and go to postgraduate level, this is the stage of specialization. Here, the course content remains more refined and focused, and you are allowed to take only one subject to study it in deep and detail.

What is The Difference Between Accounting And Finance?

When you have to decide which subject you should take between accounting and finance, then understanding the primary difference between both is important.

The difference between both subjects is accounting has a relatively narrow focus, on the hand finance is wider-ranging. Finance covers an array of specializations related to the world of business, banking and economics. Talk about accounting, then it focuses on the day-to-day management of records and financial reports across the business world.

The finance professionals uses the financial report created through accounting to assess and project future growth of organization as well as to analyze the expenditure and strategize the finances of the company. Therefore, in the postgraduate program the finance degree students are given more information about financial strategy and control, at the same time accounting students study remain focused on professional processes and principles used to manage numbers instead of influencing them.

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Career Potential for Accounting and Finance Degree Holders

After taking courses in accounting subject one becomes eligible for jobs like accountant, actuary, bookkeeper, credit controller, budget analyst, auditor, financial examiner, financial consultant, payroll administrator, tax advisor, risk assessor and treasurer.  Part time jobs for some profiles are also available with them.

The career potential for finance degree holders are following commercial banker, financial trader, financial manager, insurance officer, quant specialist, hedge fund manager, insurance officer.

Qualifications Available for Accounting and Finance Subject

At undergraduate level course available for accounting subject are Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSc/ACC), Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc, BAcy or BAccty), Bachelor of Arts in Accounting (BA/ACC) in different universities worldwide.

For postgraduate program the course are Master of Science in Accounting (MSA), Master of Accounting (MAcc or Mac), Master of Professional Accounting (MPA, MPAc, MPAcc or MPAcy)

Course Program for Finance Students at undergraduate level are Bachelor of Arts in Finance (BA/F); Bachelor of Science in Finance (BSc/F)

For postgraduate program –Master of Finance (M.Fin); Master of Science in Finance (MSF); Master of Applied Finance (MAF); Master of Financial Economics (MFE)

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Requirement for Pursuing Course in Accounting and Finance

To take admission in the undergraduate program in any reputed college that offer courses in accounting and finance subject, you must have accounts subject in 10+2. In addition, you need to crack the entrance test conducted by institutes for the same.

And for the post graduate program you must have the graduate degree in accounting and finance subject or any one of the subjects. But, if you have accounting subject in graduation course, then you would be able to do specialization in accounting only and the same is true with finance.

You can collect more information about the same from the institute brochure in which you are studying or looking to apply for admission. Moreover, some selected universities have their own courses and they offer integrated programs as well. By checking with them, you can have more relevant and accurate information.

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