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A/B Testing Assignment Help Online

AB testing is defined as a successful marketing technique which is aimed at holding a comparison between 2 versions of a single web page or application to reach at a conclusion of better performance. As the name indicates, both the versions are termed separately as A and B, which are presented to the users on a random basis. This activity is done wherein a portion of users are directed to part A and rest to Part B. Post viewing the performance of both the versions, the testers collate their statistical analysis of the results to choose one version either A or B that performed better. They are both assessed on many parameters and predefined indicators like speed or conversion rate. AB Testing Assignment Help acquaints the students will multiple features and usability of this testing type which help them to known its significance in the Web World

Kind of Websites Wherein AB Testing is Done

As a matter of fact, almost every website can reap the benefit of AB Testing. Since all these sites exist for a reason which is quantifiable. No matter if it is an online store or a lead generation website, every website owner wishes to improve the conversion rate of all kinds. case study assignment on AB Testing puts emphasise on below mentioned features to highly some major sites that need such kind of testing basis the below listed features/ aspects:

  • Lead Generation – This means creating links / contacts which can result in prospective sales. So, the sites that re sending e-mails to existing / prospective clients to boost sales can make use of AB testing to fetch information about the target customer base such as their sex, age or other demographics.
  • Media – Talking in context of media, AB testing is more likely called as “editorial A/B testing”. It is applied across industries that are in such with press. So, this kind of testing is done to ensure the success of a content category in order to ascertain that it is fit with for the targeted audience.
  • E-commerce – It goes without saying that the purpose of any online store or product selling application is to sell its mechanises and its calibre can therefore be tested by AB testing. Such testing stands perfect in e-commerce context to assess the trend as to how well a site or online commercial app is performing to increase the sale of its products. This testing employs numerous tasks to determine as to which version has a better performance by cross checking the design of its home page and product pages along with assessing visual elements that aid in completing a transaction such as buttons, calls-to-action.

AB Testing Assignment Writing Help Classifies A/B Testing Types

Students pursuing a technical course in quality testing have to gain knowledge and familiarity of several types of A/B tests. Also, they are given homework and assignments and scenarios to pick the best of its type to suit a particular situation.

  • Classic A/B Test – This kind of test provides the two variations of a web page stationed at the same URL. It therefore facilitates the user to compare two or several variations carrying the element / component.
  • Split or Redirect Tests: This category of test helps in redirecting the site traffic on a single or multiple URLs and is effective in case a user is hosting new pages on his / her server.
  • Multivariate or MVT Test: The third and last category of AB Testing is Multivariate testing that assess the impact of multiple changes that are being introduced on a single web page. Thus, it aids the user to modify their site banner, text colour, presentation style, and more.

Also, the AB testing is done on native mobile iPhone or Android applications as well as on complex applications to modify app design and analyse the impact of the modification made. Also, users can employ server-side AB testing through APIs which is defined as a programming interface that establishes a connection with an application for the purpose of data exchange.

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