What if we tell you that Americans consume around 150,000,000 hot dogs on Fourth of July? No, we are not kidding. This is an actual fact mentioned by the website Statistic Brain. Well, this is not the only interesting fact linked to the Independence Day in the US.

History and Celebration of US Independence Day

Through this blog post, we discuss some intriguing facts related to history and celebration of this important day.

  1. The First Celebration
    Philadelphia and Rhode Island were the states where celebration took place for the first time. The people in Philadelphia celebrated with drinks, dinner, and fireworks. A 13-gun salute during morning time and at night was how the day was celebrated in Rhode Island.
  2. The Liberty Bell is tapped
    This iconic bell is tapped rather than being rung, as ringing might increase the chances of cracking. The tapping is done to signal the bells throughout the US to begin ringing.
  3. The Flag had stars in a circular manner
    In the original American flag, the stars were in a circle to depict all the Colonies as equal.
  4. Three Presidents died on 4th of July
    Yes, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Adams died on this date. Both Jefferson and Adams signed the declaration of Independence. Coincidentally, they both died within the gap of few hours in 1826.
  5. Turkey vs. Bald Eagle
    Turkey as the national bird was proposed by Benjamin Franklin. The decision was overruled by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. They recommended the bald eagle as a national bird.
  6. 59 places with the word “liberty”
    Liberty is in the veins of Americans. There are 59 places in the country that have “Liberty” in their name. The state with highest places with this word in the name is Pennsylvania. There are also four counties with this word in their name, including:
    – Liberty County, Texas
    – Liberty County, Georgia
    – Liberty County, Florida
    – Liberty County, Montana
  7. It is the booziest holiday
    Not only the hot dogs but Americans also love consuming beer and other alcoholic beverages on this day. The sale of beer reaches up to one billion dollars on Fourth of July. This became a tradition soldiers were issued double rations of rum by George Washington to celebrate the anniversary of independence.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the rich and exciting history of the US.

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