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Professional Wireless Network Assignment Help

Wireless Network is a kind of computer network, which uses a wireless data connection to connect the network codes. To compose an assignment on a wireless network you need understanding about data and network connections on all kinds of network commands and diagrams. You need deep study and deep research on this subject and this is the reason why students feel pressure and prepare the computer network assignments in a wrong manner. BookMyEssay is there to resolve all your queries and provide you with the best Wireless Network assignment help.

What is Wireless Network?

The wireless network is a computer network that is connected through cables. Use of this network allows enterprises to avoid incurring expenditure to introduce cables between two locations or into buildings. The basis of a wireless network is radio waves, it is an implementation that happens in a network structure.

With the help of a wireless network, devices stay connected to a network but are untethered to wires. The Wi-Fi signals are amplified by the access points and due to this, a device can stay far away from a router, however, can still stay connected to a network. BookMyEssay provide a well-formatted and a well-researched Wireless Network case study assignment help.

Earlier it was presumed that wired networks are faster compared to wireless networks. However, with continuous enhancements in wireless technology speed and security are not issues with the wireless network.

Kinds of Wireless Network

Wireless networks make use of radio waves for connecting devices including a laptop to the internet, applications, and the business network. When you connect laptops through Wi-Fi in public places, you establish a connection through the wireless network.

There are mainly four kinds of wireless networks. Each network is discussed in our Wireless Network essay assignment help. The four types are as follows:

  • Wireless LAN or Local Area Network – You can link either two or more than two devices using wireless distribution method thus offering a connection via access points to a wide internet.
  • WAN or Wireless Wide Area Network – It covers huge areas including neighboring cities and towns.
  • Wireless PAN or Personal Area Network – It interconnects devices within a short span, within the reach of a person.
  • Wireless MAN or Metropolitan Area Network – It connects many wireless LANs.

The Benefits of a Wireless Network

Some of the benefits of Wireless Networks have been highlighted in our Wireless Network research paper writing, assignment help as follows:

  • Convenience: You can access your network from any location within the coverage area of a wireless network or from a Wi-Fi spot.
  • Mobility: You are tied to one place just like in a wired connection. You can go online in meeting rooms.
  • Productivity: Wireless access to the key resources and applications of your company can help your staff to do the job and it encourages collaboration too.
  • Easy setup: You do not need string cables and this is the reason installation will be cost effective and quick
  • Expandability: You can expand a wireless network easily along with your existing equipment but for a wired network, you will need additional wiring.
  • Cost: As wireless network reduces or eliminates wiring expenses, it costs less compared to a wired one.
  • Security: Advances made in a wireless network offer robust security protection.

Wireless Operating Mode

There are two operating modes in a Wireless Network. They are ad hoc mode and infrastructure mode. Infrastructure mode is used for connecting computers with wireless clients to a wired network from the access point or wireless router.

In ad hoc mode you can connect clients together without wires, without any access point or a wireless router. Ad hoc network has 9 wireless clients that sent data to one another directly.

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