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Windows XP Foundation Assignment Help
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Online Windows XP Foundation Assignment Help

Windows XP has been released in various editions since it was originally released in the year 2001 and users can get it in various languages. Additionally, the adds-ons that translate the user interface too are obtainable in some languages. Students, who wish to have full knowledge regarding Windows XP Foundation take up its study.

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Overview of Windows XP

By Windows XP is meant an operating system which belongs to the family of Windows Operating Systems. The earlier version of Windows was Windows Me. In Windows XP, XP denotes eXPerience. According to Microsoft, this release is the most significant product from the time since Windows 95 was released.

Windows XP reflects a redesigned feel and look to the user interface and this operating system was developed grounded on the kernel of Windows 2000, thus, providing the users a more reliable and stable surrounding compared to the earlier versions of Windows.

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Home and Professional Versions of Windows XP

The initial couple of editions which were released by Microsoft happened to be Windows XP Home Edition which was intended for home users and the second edition was Windows XP Professional which was designed for power and business users.

There are many offers that Windows XP Professional propose and they aren’t available in the Home Edition and they are:

  • The capability to turn into a portion of the Windows Server domain which is recognized as a group of computers which are managed remotely by one or more than one central server.
  • An access control structure that permits particular permissions on files for being granted to particular users and that too under usual circumstances.
  • Remote Desktop Server that permits a PC to get operated by some other Windows XP user over the Internet.
  • Encrypting file system and it encrypts files that are stored on the hard drive of the computer so that other users can’t read it.
  • Offline Folder and Files which permit the PC to store files’ copy from other networked computers.
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) and Microsoft’s FTP and HTTP Server.
  • WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation Console) which is a command-line tool intended to smooth the WMI Information retrieval regarding a system through the use of simple keywords.

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Features of Windows XP

The most remarkable feature which is unique to the edition of Windows XP is viewed as the Windows Media Center and it can propose a large-font and remotely accessible interface for TV viewing on your computer besides playback and recording, DVD playback, a television guide, photo viewing, video playback, and music playback. So, it can be concluded that Windows XP is different from other various other commercial digital video recorder items.

Writing a CD-ROM Disk

There is software in Windows XP which allows a person to burn his CD-ROM disk and it is viewed as one of the most vital features. A person can utilize this software for having a backup of important data files besides burning a general-use CD-ROM disk. For doing this, you are just needed to open a directory having the files that you wish to burn, open up My Computer, focus on the target files, and arrow down to the drive icon of the CD-ROM before pasting the clipboard’s contents.

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