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Window Dressing Assignment Help
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Window Dressing Assignment Help

If you are a real enthusiast of accounting and have decided to pursue higher education on it, you will come across the term Window Dressing. In accounting Window Dressing accounting possesses a great significance. Professional accountants often follow this process while presenting the accounting reports of a company, any types of organizations, or any individual’s personal financial reports. You may get assignments on this topic which may bother you for various reasons. So, if the topics on Window Dressing seems unusual or a little bit of confusing, contact us for immediate Window Dressing assignment help. Our finance assignment and accounting assignment writing experts are experienced enough to handle any kinds of problems on this topic efficiently.

A Quick View of Window Dressing

In common parlance, Window Dressing means a mode of presentation for making a thing more attractive to the viewers or customers, like a product, is displayed in so attractive way that customers become extremely interested in buying it, even at higher prices. In a similar way, in accounting, some financial statements and reports may be presented in such a way that the figures and descriptions look attractive to the stakeholders or other reviewers.

Companies, especially in banking, insurance, mortgage business, credit business, gold loan business, and mutual funds, sometimes use Window Dressing. This process is used while preparing the final reports and statements to make the data and information more interesting. It helps in presenting the performance of the company in a better way. Window Dressing may include changing the depreciation of assets, valuation processes of the assets, showing short-term borrowings, and showing leaseback at the end of the period, etc. Window Dressing is a type of embellishment which has far fetching benefits for a company.

A mutual funds company may use window dressing while developing periodic reports.  This may be done by trading under-performing stocks and obtaining well-performing stocks at the close of a reporting period. This makes the portfolio more attractive to the clients and prospective clients.

Some immediate benefits of Window Dressing in accounting are as follows:

  • Funding becomes easy
  • Tax payments may be lessened
  • Specific data like sales data, receivables, expenses, etc. look easy
  • Some common problems like life profitability, liquidity, poor decision, etc. can be hidden
  • In mutual fund, the portfolio looks attractive
  • In mutual fund, the portfolio values look better and stronger

In accounting, Window Dressing, if it misleads the investors, depositors, buyers, or tax departments, is not an ethical practice. In some situations, it may be an illegal practice too. Being a professional accounting practitioner, you should be accustomed to these activities and you should have the ability to pick the discrepancies quickly.

Some examples of window dressing are as follows:

  • Cash payment to the suppliers or creditors is postponed until the end of the accounting period to show enhanced liquidity.
  • Sometimes the bad debts are shown very low so that the receivable account looks good.
  • Fixed assets with huge depreciation amount are shown to be sold off so that the remaining assets look relatively ned with less depreciation amount.
  • Supplier invoices are kept aside for the next period so that the expense account does not show a huge amount.

Plenty of such examples could be set which make it clear that the company has been applying Window Dressing to show the finance reports and figures in some other way.

Window Dressing Assignment Writing Help

If you know the underlying concept of Window Dressing and the major accounts where it is used invariably, you will be able to spot the issues promptly. Your professor will demand a professional level of efficiency while you write on these types of assignments. But, in reality, the scenario is something else. Amidst busy schedules, several worksheets and assignments, and other activities, your time is too limited. It is also true that the subject takes much time to grasp. So, if you have any sorts of issues that may delay your work or can make your Windows Dressing assignment writing wrong or a poor one, contact BookMyEssay. Our expert writers help you to complete any assignments within the due date without fail. They also take care of the following things:

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  • The assignment will be written as per the guidelines.
  • The assignment will be written in flawless English.

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BookMyEssay is already a popular name among the students. Our Windows Dressing assignment help and writing service is available across the world including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, and the USA. Our essay assignment service can help you to impress the examiners and achieve high grades. Here are some other interesting aspects of our service:

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So, avail our Window Dressing assignment writing help whenever you feel that you need a professional support. We provide a trusted custom writing service, that is why thousands of students in different countries depend on us so much.

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