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Expert WinAutomation Assignment Help

The significance of WinAutomation lies in the fact that it fetches the advantages of Robotic Process Automation and it also helps people in reducing costs besides augmenting overall accuracy and speed of business processes. Students love to know more about WinAutomation and so, they take up its study.

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What is Meant by WinAutomation?

WinAutomation is recognized as an intuitive and potent platform meant for Windows automation which allows a user to automate just any web-based and desktop job with zero effort. Actually, WinAutomation is an easy and potent way to utilize a Windows-based platform to build Software Robots. And, the intelligent Software Robots of WinAutomation can be easily taught to complete any job, thus, allowing organizations in achieving higher efficiencies via automation.

Again, WinAutomation also happens to be an automation tool which aids in automating a repetitive job on your computer. The Macro Recorder of WinAutomation does set your computer on autopilot. Additionally, it also auto-fills many web forms and mines all the data which is required from a website. Database manipulation, file operations, email parsing, spreadsheet handling, and desktop management can get automated as well as executed on key-press.

Different Editions of WinAutomation tool

There exist three various editions of WinAutomation tool and they are as follows:

  • Basic edition – As the name suggests, the basic edition comprises only some basic features which are proposed to the users, such as basic triggers, basic actions, etc. In fact, the edition has got fewer features in comparison to various other editions.
  • Professional edition – This edition comprises more interesting and additional features compared to the basic edition. Though there are many features, yet some notable are:
    • Autologin – This is a feature that will unlock or login the workstation prior to running a Robot.
    • Maximum Running Time – There is a maximum running time which is provided to the Robots which permits users to set themselves the maximum running time.
    • Robot Compiler – It permits users to compile a robot into stand-alone robots and users can run the .exe file.
    • Secure Screen Features – This feature does augment the security for a Robot which is scheduled to run.
  • Professional plus edition – This edition comprises all the Professional Edition’s features plus some more additional ones that are absent in the professional edition.

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Benefits of WinAutomation

  • You can learn WinAutomation easily and there are many features and a huge range of programming capacities.
  • WinAutomation is highly flexible and it is pretty easy to make use of drag-and-drop features which can be used for automating the majority of the tasks of Windows. Here, scripts do get compiled into executables and so, users get aided in their day-to-day activities.
  • WinAutomation happens to be powerful.
  • WinAutomation works excellently well with code.
  • Users get more utilities from WinAutomation that they don’t get from various other software packages.
  • The best thing about WinAutomation is it isn’t very expensive.
  • WinAutomation comes with a micro builder which permits a person to record the process easily and if he wants automated, then the micro builder does repeat the same method on a steady schedule.
  • WinAutomation offers a diverse and wide platform with high multi-functional capacities and vibrant product development.
  • WinAutomation has straight forward programming.

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