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Expert WebHost Manager Assignment Help

WebHost Manager or WHM is a web application that offers administrative control of VPS or Virtual Private Server. It is an important topic for the students who are pursuing Computer Science. If you are searching for WebHost Manager assignment help then BookMyEssay is your ultimate choice. Composing assignment on computer science topic require expert subject-knowledge that is ably offered by our online assignment help tutors. Our experts adhere to every university guideline and follow proper citation and referencing style.

What is WebHost Manager?

WebHost Manager or WHM is an administrative access tool meant for cPanel’s backend account. With WHM, you may create cPanel accounts to get hosting accounts. Moreover, you can sell manage several cPanel and sell hosting services with an option to upgrade, modify, and downgrade account and monitor bandwidth usage.

WHM offers you a lot of flexibility and control when you manage a few resource intensive and popular sites or several sites. Besides providing you the capability to sell hosting services, WHM offers you an option to manage and create several cPanels. There are many reasons to place business-oriented sites on cPanels. BookMyEssay professionals provide WebHost Manager homework help online to students from all over the globe. You can contact us for academic help on any assignment topic.

What Does a WebHost Manager Do?

WHM offers you tools that can help you to perform several things as follows:

  • Create, suspend, or delete cPanel accounts
  • Monitor as well as manage the sites
  • Access to check and alter the DNS zones of your domains
  • You can configure support requests from customers via cPanel.
  • You get permission to check the status and server information
  • When you create any new account you can create a default page.
  • You can customize your control panel and host with branding
  • You can change your user name and your client’s domain name

When you avail WHM assignment assistance from us you can understand it in a better manner.

The Key Benefits of WebHost Manager

WHM allows the users in accessing DNS zones of all domains. Users can create, suspend, and delete cPanel accounts. Besides the ability to support and configure customer requests via cPanel, it allows users to change the username and domain of clients. It has a complete backend control of cPanel. It has other benefits for dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers too.

The benefits are stated in our WebHost Manager assignment help as follows:

  • It allows whitelisting and assignment of IP address
  • Users can install as well as manage SSL certificates easily
  • You can access all your accounts. Additionally, you can change your account’s ownership if an account is deleted or sold.
  • Clients will receive updates, newsletters, and deal upgrades
  • It permits other websites in branding themselves
  • It monitors the status of resources and the server.

In a nutshell, WHM reduces the time that you spent to administer the server and concentrate to manage customers.

Server Administration Levels

Server Administration has two levels meant for WHM users- full server management rights and resellers rights.

In resellers rights, the features are restricted by a server administrator that depends on the type or level of server a client is actually making payment for. The client can an individual such as a designer or a web developer who resells hosting to clients. It can be web agencies who have a similar arrangement or a set-up. They are the clients of web hosting organizations who become hosting firms by re-selling the hosting services to the other clients.

In a full server management rights, a system administrator has complete control on the functionalities or features that are offered to a client.

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