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Vroom Motivation Theory Assignment Help
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Vroom Motivation Theory Assignment Help

If you are a student of human resource management or business management, at some point in time during your course curriculum you will come across various topics on Victor Vroom’s Motivation theory. Like Maslow and Herzberg this is another important motivational theory with immense importance in management, especially in HRM. So, you have to be prepared well with all sorts of information to write any kinds of assignments on Vroom’s Motivation Theory. In case, you have any problem in understanding the topic or writing on it, we are here to help you. Our best AUS writers are well acquainted with this theory and all allied aspects. So, next time never get confused with Vroom’s Motivation Theory. Contact us anytime and solve your problem.

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Vroom Motivation Theory

This is also known as Expectancy Motivation theory. Eminent researchers on organizational and human behaviours like Maslow and Herzberg investigated the connection between inner needs of human beings and the resulting effort they put to accomplish them, Victor Vroom looked at the same things from different perspectives. In his expectancy theory, he has disconnected effort from performance, and consequences.

Vroom’s expectancy theory accepts that behaviors of human beings result from mindful selections among substitutes. A human being tries to explore all the available substitute to compare them and find which one provides the highest pleasure. According to Vroom’s theory in an organizational set up an employee’s performance depends on several factors such as personality, knowledge, involvement, abilities, and experience. The theory further states that a few variables are involved in the whole process of motivation and outcomes:

Expectancy: Employees’ believe that if the effort to a job is increased, the quality of performance will also get better. This further depends on the following things:

  • Right resources are required like the right kinds of raw materials and appropriate time;
  • Right skills and relevant qualifications necessary for a job;
  • Right kind of support to get the job done.

Instrumentality: It signifies that if an employee performs well, he can expect a good outcome. This is again dependent on few things like the following ones:

  • Strong understanding of the connection between performance and results.
  • Confidence in the seniors and colleagues who will judge the performance and on whom the results depend a lot.
  • Total transparency in the whole process that takes into account the inputs and outputs.

Valence: It signifies the importance that people pay on the outcomes. If the outcome of a performance is attractive to an employee he will; always put some extra effort in the performance. For instance, if somebody is mostly interested in monetary rewards, he might not value other types of benefits as outcomes and his performance will degrade.

Expectancy theory carries many applications and advantages but it has some limitations too. The expectancy theory intensively correlated performance with results but the results also depend on several other factors like an employee’s position in the hierarchy and the type of industry where he is engaged. However, Vroom’s theory helps to understand the manager how much effort his employees will put in a job and how they can be motivated to do something bigger.

Vroom Motivation Theory Assignment Writing Help

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