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Von Neumann Architecture Assignment Help
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Von Neumann Architecture Assignment Help

Von Neumann architecture is a well-known Computer Architecture Model used in in the IT field of computer systems. It was primarily developed by the physicist and mathematician John Von Neumann in the year 1945. This architecture is also known as Von-Neumann Model or Princeton Architecture. Von Neumann architecture is a part of computer architecture. Understanding its role is highly important in the digital world. For a computer science student, it is crucial to understand the way a microprocessor is designed. However, the task is complicated because the computer science subject in itself is tough. Rather than spending hours going through the designs of microprocessors, taking Von Neumann Architecture assignment help from BookMyEssay can assist to solve the issues related to assignment writing and accomplishing timely submission. Our computer science assignment writing experts are highly proficient in writing an assignment and can submit them much before the deadline.

Computer Architecture involves the study of computer science and engineering. It is the tool which defines the structure of the computer operations. The design of Von Neumann Architecture is simple and it is feasible to purchase a computer with the architecture. The entire computer architecture subject is difficult for the students for attaining good grades. But the regions like Von Neumann Architecture are the most complexed ones. Extra efforts need to be put in to complete the assignment on time and attaining perfection requires interest and practical approach. The continuous problems arising from the computer architecture assignments make the students opt for Von Neumann Architecture assignment writing help from BookMyEssay. Our professional team of experts can include the required things related to the assignments. Moreover, we prepare the assignments following the university guidelines, format, and the word limit.

The Features of Von Neumann Architecture

Von Neumann Architecture is also known by the name Shared Program architecture because it uses the shared program concept. The main features of Von-Neumann Architecture computer are the following:

  • Control Unit – The control unit looks after the in and out instructions and takes care of their execution by the processor in a sequential manner.
  • Memory Unit – The modern day computers holds data and instructions in their memory called RAM or Read Only Memory. So the Von Neumann architecture is applied in the modern day computers.
  • Input-Output – In this unit, the user interacts with the machine and the values that are passed to the machines are stored in the registers.
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit – The arithmetic operations like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, comparisons of value greater than, less than, or equal to are all done here but due to the shared bus system, it needs to wait for the values and due to which it remains idle.
  • Common bus system – The flow of data and instructions in the system is in the form of a bus for identifying the locations of memory.

The advantages of Von-Neumann Architecture are:

  • Reduced cost
  • The design is simple
  • It is flexible to use the common memory for the data as well as the instructions and it is not required to divide the memory into parts to store data and instructions and therefore it is used in the majority of the computing systems.

Von-Neumann Architecture’s design is simple than the Harvard Architecture. Many of the modern day computers use a mix of the computer architectures, Harvard and Von-Neumann. Both have different memories with different buses but both the memories are loaded from a single memory or a common shared memory.

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