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Expert Volleyball Assignment Help

The game of volleyball is highly popular with countless people from all across the globe. Above 800 million people play this game nearly once every week. The huge popularity of this game compels students to take up the study of this topic and so, they are also asked to complete case study assignment writing on Volleyball regular basis.

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The Rules of Volleyball

The fundamental rules of volleyball which are prevalent today are:

  • Two teams consisting of six players play the game of volleyball on a court which is divided by a net.
  • The ball needs to be sent over the net and the intention is the opposing team can’t return the ball or even prevent it from hitting the ground.
  • Each team possesses three hits for trying to return the ball.
  • The server serves the ball over to his opponents over the net.
  • At a time when the receiving team does win a volley, then it gets the liberty to serve.
  • When the serving team earns a volley, then it manages to win a point and the right for continuing serving.
  • Here, the ball ought to clear the net when on a serve.
  • The game of volleyball is played to twenty-one points and the team which wins the best two among three games becomes the winner.

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The Positions of Volleyball

In the game of volleyball, there are six various positions from where you can play this game. Three positions are situated at your court’s back and the rest three positions are there in your court’s front, which is near the net.

The front three players happen to be hitters. These people spike the ball but commonly the player who remains in-between the 2 front players turns a setter for setting the ball for other players to hit. Commonly, the side hitters are recognized as ‘outside hitter’, ‘left or right hitter’, or ‘back hitter.’

Generally, the middle hitters are named as ‘center hitter’, and their job is blocking the other teams’ ball when they are spiking. The three back players get placed for bumping the ball smooth and nice to the setter and so, they can set an excellent high ball meant for the hitters.

Again, they are also needed to attempt and get hold of the ‘trouble ball’, that is the ball which got bumped one time, but went out-of-position. The middle back performs the job of a ‘tip cover’. It is when a player bumps the ball which the blockers failed to block or for bumping the ball which the other teams have tipped.

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Terms and Lingo of Volleyball

  • Sideout – When the team which has served the ball ends up making a mistake and this caused the ball to go to the opponent team.
  • Ace – When the ball gets served to the opponent team and no player touches it.
  • Dig – It happens when a player manages to make a save from a pretty tough spike.
  • Roof – Here, a player jumps above the net’s height and does block the ball.
  • Kill – It happens when a team does spike a ball and it ends in a sideout or a point.

The Flexibility of Volleyball

People find volleyball to be a fun sport as they can learn it easily and they can play it at a beach, on grass, and even in a gym. When you play volleyball then it improves your flexibility, cardio, coordination, and balance. This is the reason; most schools possess a volleyball team.

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