Vertical and Horizontal Communication Assignment Help

Vertical and Horizontal Communication Assignment Help
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Vertical and Horizontal Communication Assignment Help

Business communication is an integral topic of the Human Resource Management. It refers to the communication within and outside the organization to organize, operate, and manage the functions of an organization. An effective business communication is the soul of the success of a business because it is important for any organization to exchange the ideas and thoughts, both internally and externally to achieve its business goals. An organization has to be designed in a way to encourage communication in the vertical and horizontal manner to achieve the overall task. Students enrolled in HR Management courses are often given assignments on vertical and horizontal communication as a part of business communication topic. BookMyEssay has a team of experts who offer the most professional Vertical and Horizontal Communication assignment help to the students of colleges and universities worldwide. Our business communication experts work hard to deliver the best assignment writing help online.

Along with the advancement of technology, the methods of business communication have also advanced. Previously, the business communication took place through memos, written letters, telephones, interviews, or meetings. But with the latest technologies, business communication has become very easy, cost-effective, and very less time-consuming. Every business communication that is made today is dependent on electronic communication such as chats, emails, texts, and other web-based communication methods. All these electronic means of communication made both vertically and horizontally play a significant role and communication cost depends on the medium used and the frequency and duration of usage. Business Communication is an extremely vital subject for the HR management students and this makes them invariably take Vertical and Horizontal Communication assignment help from BookMyEssay. We deliver the assignments to the fullest satisfaction of the students and we see that every detail and every guideline is followed.

Horizontal and Vertical Communication – Definition and Advantages

Horizontal communication is the transmission or transfer of information between employees, departments, divisions, and units within the same organizational level. In this kind of communication, the exchange of communication takes place among the personnel within the same rank. It is done to collaborate, co-operate, and support the problem-solving areas and also for accomplishing tasks and improving teamwork.

There are some distinct advantages in a horizontal communication. It increases the efficiency and the productivity between the departments who are working together on the same project and in this way, it reduces any misunderstanding. The higher-level decisions are implemented in a much better way because the employees at the lower levels coordinate among each other directly for working on the decisions made at top-level. It overcomes the barriers existing between the departments. The need and importance of horizontal coordination increases along with the environmental and the technological changes. It may also result in increased job satisfaction among employees.

Vertical communication, on the other hand, is the flow of information and messages among the superiors and subordinates of the organization. It is the communication where the information flows up and down in an organization structure. Without the flow of communication between the superior and subordinate, an organization cannot run a single day. Some of the advantages of a vertical communication are as follows:

  • Vertical communication maintains a good employer-employee relationship.
  • It develops a sense of organizational discipline among the employees.
  • Through this communication system, the higher-level management sends the organizational policies to the subordinates.
  • It helps in effective decision-making. Superiors need information for decision making and with the help of vertical communication, information is collected from the subordinates by the superiors.
  • Helps in decentralization. Duties and responsibilities are delegated among the departments through this method of communication.
  • It maintains the chain of command.
  • It facilitates job evaluation and job assignment of the employees.
  • It increases the efficiency of the employees.

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