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Vertebrates Assignment Help
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Vertebrates Assignment Help

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Features of Assignments on Vertebrates

Vertebrates are animals with a clear backbone. This category of animals includes amphibians, reptiles, birds, primates, mammals. Categories of vertebrates are much smaller in number than non-vertebrates, but due to their physical strength, and intelligence, vertebrates virtually rule the world.

The physical structure of vertebrates is very complex, and their organs are quite distinctive in nature and function. The nervous system, the digestive system, the reproductive system, and the brain of the vertebrates are quite distinctive from one another, i.e. mammals can be differentiated from amphibians, or reptiles can be differentiated from mammals, etc. Besides, most of the vertebrates have their characteristic intelligence.

Without understanding the physical character of different categories, or even different animals in the same category, writing Vertebrates assignment is almost impossible.

Thus, the students of biology, zoology, and physiology often fall into trouble while handling assignments on vertebrates. Then, they look for expert Biology assignment help that can provide a complete solution against these kinds of assignments.

An Overview on Vertebrates

Vertebrates are members of the Subphylum Vertebrata, and belong to the phylum Chordata and considered under the kingdom Animalia.

Vertebrates are the not the most found groups of animals with respect to the number of entities or in the number of taxa, but the vertebrates are really possessing endless characteristics that often fascinate the researchers. Due to their physical capability, and intelligence vertebrates are visible everywhere. They are easy to find, alternatively they are always innovative in their working procedures or in saving their own entities.

There are plenty of groups of organisms roaming everywhere, who are undetectable with the naked eyes, or they live is far reaching places, which are away from human intervention. Vertebrates, on the contrary, mostly coexist with each other maintaining the natural ecosystem. Human is the most intelligent vertebrate, who have tamed many other vertebrates like dogs, cats, cows, and horses.

Vertebrates are existing on the earth more than 500 million years, from the late Cambrian age till today. During this whole period, vertebrates have undergone multiple of changes through the process of evolution. At the beginning, they lacked jaws, like the hagfish and lampreys. Vertebrates with jaw came into existence about 400 million years ago, during the Silurian age.

Characteristics of Vertebrates

Vertebrates have a similar structure (anatomy), and morphology with the same types of qualifying characteristics:

  • A notochord
  • A dorsal hollow nerve cord
  • Pharyngeal slits
  • A post-anal tail

However, some exceptions are also there, like the Subphylum Vertebrata is differentiated from the phylum Chordata by the growth of the notochord into a well-structured distinguishable backbone.

More than 64,000 different species of vertebrates have been detected till to-date, but not all of these vertebrates are existing now.

The anatomy and morphology of vertebrates are as follows:

  • The vertebral column: This is the most basic characteristics of vertebrates.
  • Central Nervous System: Vertebrates are the only chordates with a distinctive brain. In vertebrates, the anterior end of the nerve tube differentiates into three brain vessels.

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