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Unique Selling Point – Definition of USP

A unique selling point (USP), as the name indicates is about a special quality that makes an entity strand out from the rest. Also called a unique selling proposition, this concept has derived its essence from adding a distinct quality or feature in a product or a service that make it handpicked by the customer over other competitor products. A popular and fairly easy to understand by theory, this concept is quite tough to be perceived and implemented in the real world. Students pursuing a course in marketing, aim at understanding the concept of USP clearly which will help them firm their toes in the as successful marketers and get more customers. Students can complete their USP assignment by getting help from BookMyEssay’s best quality writing service provider.

Importance of Unique Selling Point Assignment

As stated above, this is a highly sought after USP assignment help that enable the students to grasp and absorbed the importance of adding an edge to a service or product being offered in the market, so that it gets preference over its counterparts. In the era of cut throat competition, marketing needs fierce measures. USP and its absorbance in a company enable a brand to get a unique position in the market by convincing the customers about the value it offers at the charged price. USP is not what every product or brand has, but it is that extra something that make customers place their hands on without giving a second thought. It is that distinct point that a brand, product or service boasts about which their competition lacks.

The concept challenges the companies to be creative and work towards launching a product that does not appear to be the same whilst meeting the budgetary constraints. Students who are assigned with work on this topic are expected to differentiate between varied of choices available to them. Often, the USP (Unique Selling Point) assignments revolve around presenting a study of popular brands that are facing off against each other, along with stating how products offered by one are better than the other.

Core Elements that Form the Crux of a USP

USP sands relatively different for each brand or entity operating in the market. This majorly depends on the nature of business one is engaged in doing. This concept must be in line with a company’s mission and justify its motive of operating in the market. It can vary from a profit-making company and be set entirely different for a non-profit making one.

USPs basically fall under 3 core categories that are explained below:

  • Quality – It deals with using superior materials or ingredients, matchless craftsmanship, unique manufacturing methods, that are different from others present in the market.
  • Price – High quality does not always indicate a top-notch price. So, manufacturing products keeping the cost low along with tagging the same with benefits such as free shipping, discounts, and other schemes/special offers also sets a company different from its competitors.
  • Brand itself turning into USP – Brands starting their operations keeping a different feature in mind are USPs in themselves.

Some Tips for Entrepreneurs for USP Development

In assignments given top students, it is important to know what all things and measures a business can take to add a USP to their brands. Some of these are:

  • Grasping customer’s point of view: The key to realise what a brand’s USP is to carefully monitor and map customer’s buying trends and needs. The same can be worked around by factoring in quality, courtesy, convenience, reliability, or speed of service.
  • Factors affecting customers’ behaviour and buying decisions: Next is to notice aspects that act as motivation forces for customer to take a purchase decision. This can be done by collecting and evaluating customer demographics including their age, race, income bar, gender, and location and setting the sales trends in line with the same.
  • Assess why customers choose their product instead of competitor’s: Most importantly, entrepreneurs must first be themselves convinced of the reason why they would quit choosing competitors’ products over theirs to have a reality check. This will also help them draw points of improvement in their offerings. This can be done by floating a quality survey.

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