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The rate of urbanization is increasing today at a rapid rate. More than half of the population of the world now lives in the urban areas. Today, the city growth is much higher in the low- income countries than the high-income countries. Most of the economic development occurs in the big cities. It is estimated that in the next thirty years, most of the growth in world’ population will happen in the cities of the poor countries. In the continents like Africa and Asia urbanization is happening at a dramatic rate. Rapid and unplanned ways of urban development are responsible for the emerging environmental hazards in the developing cities. The urban environment is a vital topic for the students studying geography and environmental science in the colleges and universities. When the students are given assignments on this important topic, they take Urban Environments assignment help from BookMyEssay.

With the growth in the urban population, quality of urban environment will also play a major role in the public health regarding the issues ranging from sanitation, provision of safe drinking water, waste disposal, and health. Unsustainable use of urban land and patterns of development are the root cause for the environmental health hazards faced by the urban people of the developing countries. The students of geography or environmental science who are in need of assignment assistance frequently take Urban Environments assignment writing help from BookMyEssay. We are known to provide the finest quality assignment help to the students. The assignments are done by highly qualified and highly experienced geography help experts. Our best assignment helpers produce well-researched and well-versed assignment help which help the students to secure good grades in the examination. We believe in timely delivery and therefore deliver all the assignments well within the deadline.

Issues Faced in Urban Environment

It is widespread news that the issues of urban environment are crucial. If the problems of the urban environment are defined in a broad way then all the initiatives of the urban environment may be stated as environmental. But on the other hand, if the urban environmental problems are pursued narrowly, then most of the things are generalized. Both broad and narrow definition is common in the urban environmental problems and they refer to the damage caused to the physical environment because of the harmful activities for the welfare of humans. Urban environment problems pose threats to the human well-being.

Urban Environment and Health

  • Urban air pollution – A significant proportion of the air pollution arises from the vehicles and also from the industry. The air pollution is estimated to kill almost a million people every year. Many of the developing countries all over the world are going through various levels of the urban air pollution.
  • Road traffic accidents – The road traffic accidents result in the death of many people annually. Middle-income countries, as well as the low-income countries, bear the most. Degradation in the built of urban environment particularly for the pedestrian and the cyclists are resulting in deaths.
  • Patterns of urbanization – Motorization are linked with the sedentary lifestyles, lack of space and opportunities for more physical activity. Physical inactivity is responsible for millions of deaths that are occurring globally in a year. Diseases like diabetes and heart ailments are on the rise.

Cost-effective strategies to deal with the issues of urban environment are developing. More integrated land use and transport including the development of the dedicated pedestrian network, dedicated busway are central to the policies of many countries. Reducing the transport pollution and use of clean fuels and modern vehicle technologies are the major issues that are being addressed now by many countries.

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