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Online Ulead COOL3D Assignment Help

Ulead COOL3D –A Primary Introduction

Graphic Designing is a very popular and interesting course in recent days. Now, a lot of people are working for different graphic designing company. So no doubt, this course has a very broad job opportunity. Ulead COOL3D is such an efficient software which allows the designers to create animated 3D titles graphics and many more. This software is very helpful but it has to be learnt very minutely.  This has special processes to use it and one has to know all the features of it and its uses. In this course student have to do a lot of practical based work. But they are also assigned with some important assignments also. This is a undoubtedly an unique and critical subject to study. Facing problems in this is very normal.  So in case of any kind of trouble, please contact BookMyEssay for Ulead COOL 3D assignment help.

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A Quick Tour of  Ulead COOL3D

Ulead COOL 3d is a graphic designing software which creates GIF animation, 3D shapes, etc. of personal graphics with the help of Path Editor. In this course of learning, students will learn how to use the Path Editor first. They will come to about various tools such as shape tool, path tool, object tool, Freehand tool, Adjust tool, etc. The features of the software are as follows:

  1. Object tool is for distorting, resizing, rotating and changing the views of paths.
  2. The shape tool is used to create geometrical shapes like circles, polygons, rectangle etc. The sides and points are also customizable.
  3. Then comes the freehand tool. It is used to create accurate freehand objects.
  4. Path tool is used for adding curves, lines etc.
  5. Adjust tools is used to select, add or subtract the control points.
  6. Import Graphics is used for importing WMF and EMF files for more editing.
  7. This also includes a Zoom in/out key for more help.
  8. Background image tool lets the user to import JPG images for manual tracing.

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Students can learn more about ULead COOL 3D in this course. Ulead COOL 3D is zoomable WYSIWG editing software. It has over 150 levels of undo for better end result. Student can switch among various settings such as fair, draft, better, best output quality settings. This can change the display and also the output objects to a Wireframe. It is also supported for additional plug-ins of Ulead COOL 3D. There are many shortcut tools to switch between tools and 3D faces. One can set the picture dimension by his choice such as pixel; inch etc. as per the background image. They can also set up image dimensions by using video and web banners. They can easily copy paste text or objects as BMP, OLE. There is always a preview option for animation. The students of this course have to learn all these. This is a undoubtedly an unique and critical subject to study. Facing problems in this is very normal. So in case of any kind of trouble, please contact BookMyEssay for paper writing, dissertation research proposal, academic assignment writing.

They also offer 3D text and images to its users. The users can customize the 3D settings by the help of attribute toolbar. They can add or edit text or objects with the help of object toolbar. They can form any kind of geometrical shapes. In this software they can group or ungroup the text/objects. They can also rename or delete those. They can control the character and even the line spacing, instant font reviews, importing files etc. There is a reverse key to go to the last frame and lets them to start from there. This is an undoubtedly a unique and critical subject to study. Facing problems in this is very normal.

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