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UK Taxation Assignment Help Online

Taxation is a subject, which majority of the students find it difficult to understand. The subject includes rules, laws, principles, computation of tax that are complicated for the students. The taxation rules and regulations vary from one country to another. Studying taxation system of the different countries are too troublesome. The U.K. taxation system is a complex system and considering the toughness and the complexity of the subject, it is challenging for the students to obtain good grades in the examinations. To provide assistance to the students who are studying taxation in the UK universities, BookMyEssay gives best UK Taxation assignment help. We offer academic writing services of exceptional quality to the college and the university students. Our team of professional experts are highly educated in finance and law and possess many years of working knowledge in the UK taxation field.

The system of taxation in the UK is different for the central government and the local governments. The Central Government collects the taxes like value added tax, income tax, national insurance corporations, corporation tax, etc. The taxes like parking fees, stamp duty, and residential property tax are collected by the State Government. Before moving forward with the UK Taxation assignment writing help, the experts at BookMyEssay assess the level of understanding of the student on the subject. Thus, a customized approach is followed while preparing the assignment for each and every student. We help the students with UK taxation, where a lot of practice is needed. Our tutors explain the students the methodology of solving the taxation problems of an individual’s income as well as the income of a partnership or a corporate organization.

The UK Taxation System

Taxation in the UK include payments made to the Central Government called Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or HMRC and the local councils. Local Councils collect tax from the businesses and the council taxes from the households called the business rates.

The biggest revenue source is the personal income tax for the UK government. The second biggest source is the national insurance contribution, the third major source is the Value Added Tax and the fourth one is the Corporation Tax. The taxation year is different for the businesses and the individuals in the UK. The financial year in the UK is from 1st April to 31st March, the next year. The Government budget follows the financial year. The accounting period can be either a financial year or a calendar year or 12 month period for a company. The personal tax period is from 6th April to 5th April.

VAT is regulated in the UK by the VAT Act 1994. There are three different rates of VAT- the standard rate of 20%, reduced rate of 5% and the zero rate or 0 %. Some goods and services fall outside the purview of the VAT system. VAT returns must be submitted quarterly and should be submitted only online.

The Corporation Tax Act 2010 regulates the Corporation Tax and the other Acts. The limited companies and the foreign companies having a UK branch or office have to pay corporation tax on the taxable profits. The trading profits, gains from the sale of assets, and the investments form part of the taxable profits. A company, which is based in the UK pays corporation tax on the profits from both the UK and abroad. A foreign company having a branch or an office in the UK pays the corporation tax on the profits made by it from the UK activities.

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