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Ubercart Assignment Help Service

What is Ubercart?

Ubercart is an e-commerce solution that is open source and is completely integrated with the CMS (Content Management System), Drupal that is the leading and open source system. This is the ultimate combination for any user who is looking forward to build an access to sell to premium content, a community around a product, file downloads with offer paid, and many more. All these are maintained while maintaining a connection to the users that is seamless. This e-commerce solution grips the benefits of the main core and contributed system of Drupal, thus providing the users with the functionality of the shopping cart combining with the website of the community. To virtually accommodate the need for e-commerce the developers can either add or alter the features of Ubercart. This signifies that the developer will never have to change or modify the source code in order to add any new features and therefore in this way the user would have an easy and convenient upgraded path as the e-commerce solution Ubercart continues to evolve for meeting the demand of a growing community. For this kind of deep details about this, BookMyEssay can be contacted for Ubercart assignment help.

Key Aspects of Ubercart

The Demo version of the Ubercart displays several features, advantages, and strength of Ubercart thus enabling the user to play around as much as they like. For Ubercart assignment paper help, BookMyEssay can be students’ best friend. To meet certain e-commerce needs the online stores are gripping hold of the Ubercart and such requirements are as mentioned below:

  • Selling the items within a virtual economy.
  • Selling of the downloaded files i.e. software, videos, and music.
  • Selling items on the multi-domain sites.
  • Selling the registrations of the events.
  • From the different sized catalogs of products selling physical goods.
  • Selling the site access for the members only websites thus including the expiration of the user access and the automatic renewals.

The main aspects of the e-commerce solution that creates high compatibility with the Drupal CMS are as mentioned below:

  • Ubercart is built as a module package for the Drupal CMS which is search-engine friendly and which means that one can completely combine the store with the entire community or the site.
  • It is designed in such way to be modified and enhanced. Its core systems include orders, products, payments, order fulfillment, and checkout that are all designed to deploy the contributed modules.
  • The e-commerce solution can also be enlarged by the number of contributed modules and themes of Drupal.
  • With this solution there is a strong desire for its usability, changing things, reflection in testing, changing more things, testing again, and ultimately enables the user to customize all the modules in the solution.

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Features of Ubercart

  • The solution has flexible product creation system by creating the normal products by default and also by adding fields for the storing of additional product information by using the Drupal’s CCK system.
  • It consists of the product catalogue that is configurable and which includes a block and the catalogue pages to display the product categories.
  • It also has flexible system for the product attributes by creating the attributes selected by the user for the kind of products that modify the SKU or model, the price, or the weight of the items as the customer adds them to her or his cart. For creating several similar products conveniently, the default option or attribute is set for each of the product class.
  • The solution consists of the feature of single page check out. All the information regarding checkout is accumulated on the single screen which is composed of all the checkout panes that are configurable. The checkout panes can be defined by the third party modules to add or replace to the default thus making it simple to customize the experience of checkout.

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