Theory of Turbines and Operations Assignment Help

Theory of Turbines and Operations Assignment Help
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Theory of Turbines and Operations Assignment Help

Turbines convert energy into work and derive energy from fluids. Many students face difficulty in understanding the concept of turbine operations and this make them approach BookMyEssay for Theory of Turbines and Operations assignment help. Our online experts help students at the college and the university level with assignment writing solutions on this topic.

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Turbines Based on the Principle of Operation

Turbines divided by their principle of operation are mentioned in our Theory of Turbines and Operations thesis paper as follows:

  1. Impulse turbine, driven by multiple jets or high-velocity jet of water.
  2. Reactive turbine- The rotor of this turbine is completely immersed in water and enclosed in pressure casing.
  3. Gravity turbine that is simply driven by the water weight that enters at the turbine top and then falls at the bottom, for instance, an overshot waterwheel. These are slow-moving machines.
  • Steam turbine operation

There are two main kinds of steam engine designs. One is the impulse design wherein the rotor turns because of the force of steam on blades. Another one is a reaction design. It operates when the rotor gets its force from the stream when it leaves the blades.

Steam enters generally at one end then travels in a single direction towards the other end and passes on to the next section. In a double-flow turbine, steam enters in the middle and then flows in both the directions. The double-flow arrangement was hugely popular earlier. They are not recommended for the latest application except for a few circumstances.

  • Wind turbine operation

Wind energy is a process by which wind can generate electricity or mechanical power. Wind turbines convert kinetic energy derived from the wind into mechanical power.  This mechanical power is used for particular tasks or a generator that converts the mechanical power into electricity.

Wind turbines turn energy into electricity using aerodynamic force produced by the rotor blades that work similarly to helicopter rotor blade or airplane wing. When wind flows on the blade, air pressure on the blade reduces. The difference in the air pressure on both sides of the blade produces lift and drag.

The lift’s force is stronger compared to the drag and this results in the spin of the rotor. The generator connects the rotor either directly or via a shaft that increases the rotation and allows a smaller generator. This conversion of the aerodynamic force to generator rotation creates electricity.

  • Gas Turbine and its operation

Gas turbine derives their energy from burning fuel in combustion chambers using the quick flowing combustion gases that drive a turbine similarly to the way high-pressure steam drives a steam engine. A gas turbine consists of three sections; a combustor, a compressor, and a power turbine.

Gas turbines work on the Brayton cycle principle, wherein compressed air and fuel are mixed and burned under continuous pressure conditions. The resultant hot gas expands through turbines to do work.

  • Water turbine operation

Turbines are fixed in one place. When a fluid flows through them there is a reduction in pressure at the back of every blade that results in the movement of the turbine. The principle remains the same for water or air. The quicker the medium moves, the pressure drops greatly and the turbine spins faster. Water turbines are used for power generation that can be passed or stored to a national electrical grid for a renewable power source. You can understand the concept much clearly once you go through our Theory of Turbines and Operations research paper.

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