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Online Tesseract Assignment Help

Tesseract is a popular OCR (Optical Character Recognition) developed originally by Hewlett Packard and open-sourced in 2005. Every student wants to secure the best grades in this subject. However, this may not be possible for every student. At BookMyEssay, we have experts who are specialists in Tesseract along with huge experience and therefore we can offer you the best Tesseract assignment help. Our customer support team works 24×7 to ensure you get the required assignment help from us. All our assignments are 100 percent unique, so you need not worry about plagiarism issues. We make every possible effort to deliver the assignment papers prior to the deadline.

What is Tesseract?

Tesseract is an OCR engine for different operating systems. It is free software and sponsored and developed by Google since 2006. In its 3.x version, it acquired maturity and began to support several image formats and added many scripts or languages. It is based on computer vision algorithms.

In the last few years, Deep Learning methods have exceeded traditional machine learning methods by a large margin regarding accuracy in multiple areas of Computer Vision. Handwriting recognition is a prominent example. In its version 4, it implemented LSTM or Long Short Term Memory based recognition engine. LSTM is a type of Recurrent Neural Network.

Features of Tesseract

The features as highlighted in our OCR Tesseract assignment help are as follows:

  1. Tesseract was among the top three engines of OCR regarding character accuracy in 1995. It is in the market for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. But, because of limited resources, it is tested only by developers under Ubuntu and Windows.
  2. Up to version 2 could accept only TIFF images of just one-column text. The early versions did not have layout analysis so multi-columned images, text, and equations gave garbled output. It can detect whether a text is proportionally spaced or monospaced.
  3. The initial versions could recognize only English language text. Thereafter, many new languages were added. In July 2015, 39 additional languages were added bringing the total count to more than 100 languages.
  4. It can be trained to include other languages too.
  5. It can process right-to-left text including Hebrew or Arabic.
  6. It can be used as a backend and for more complex OCR tasks such as layout analysis.
  7. The output of Tesseract shows poor quality when the input images are not processed previously.

Python Tesseract

Python-Tesseract is an OCR tool for Python. It can recognize as well as read the text rooted in images.  It is a wrapper for Tesseract-OCR engine of Google. It is helpful as a standalone invocation script because it can read all kinds of images that are supported by Python Imaging libraries such as png, jpeg, tiff, BMP, and others.

On the other hand, Tesseract-OCR supports only BMP and tiff by default. Moreover, when used as a script, it prints only the recognized text rather than writing it to files.

The installation process of Tesseract

According to our Tesseract case study writing experts, the installation process of Tesseract is straightforward and simple. It includes three components such as the following:

  • Engine itself
  • Training data
  • Python wrapper

Installation process differs from one OS to another though the structure is similar.

On Windows, you must download an installer from GitHub Repository. MacOS needs you to use HomeBrew package manager. For Ubuntu/Linux, there are plenty of distributions. In all these cases, you should confirm that Tesseract has been installed correctly.

There are additional libraries. The important ones include Python wrapper, PIL, and Open CV. Ensure to install them and take the usefulness of Tesseract to a higher level. After everything is finalized, you can launch it when you boot other applications.

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