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Online TCP Server Assignment Help

Assignments are a tedious and brain wrecking task which becomes even harder when we are not fully equipped with the information at our fingertips for the topic given us at the assignments. At this time we provide you experts written quality assignment help. So if you are looking for your TCP Server assignment help which would be error free, plagiarism free and given to you within the deadline enriched with credible references and information, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look and the next sections which will make your resolve stronger to contact us for your homework assignment help online.

What is a TCP Server?

Before looking into why you should trust us with your Transmission Control Protocol Server assignment writing tips, let’s learn the basics of TCP. A Transmission Control Protocol is one of the fundamentals of an internet protocol suite. It is a standard that states how to maintain and establish a network conversation through application programs that exchanges data. It works with internet protocol as the IP sets the standard of how the computers will send packets of data to each other. So, in combination they define the basic rules of internet.

Role of a TCP Server

A TCP gives ordered, detailed, error-checked and reliable delivery system of bytes for the applications running on a host system communicating through IP networking. Most of the major internet applications rely on the TCP as it is a connection oriented protocol system which is a connection that is established and maintained until the programmes have finished exchanging the ongoing communication.

A TCP determines how the application data must be broken into packets that the networking system present in the host system deliver and then sends the packets from the host and accepts the packets received by the host network layer. During the sending and receiving process, it also manages the network flow control and handles the retransmission of the dropped packets of data for providing an error free data transmission.

Different Layers of Protocol in TCP Server

A TCP has various stacks or layers of a communications which are important in a networking protocol. The different stack or layers of protocol are as follows-

  • Application layer – It is the initial layer which is responsible for the sending and receiving of the data for particular applications like DNS, HTTP and simple mail transfer protocol. The different applications themselves have layers of protocols within the systems.
  • Transport layer – It is the next layer which is responsible for the providing of connection oriented or connectionless service for the transportation application layer services between various networks.
  • Network layer – It routes the packets of data across the various networks. The internet protocol network version 4 is the most fundamental network protocol for TCP/IP. Other most common used protocols at this layer are the IPv6, ICMP and Internet Group Management Protocol.
  • Hardware Layer – This layer is responsible for handling the communications in the physical network components. Ethernet is the best known data link layer protocol.

History of TCP Server

The history of TCP can be dated back to the 1960s and the early 1970s by the US Department of Defense research arm the Advanced Research Projects Agency. The DOD had a goal to build a network to connect military sites for better communication during wars. The APRA then hired a firm and the TCP was formed.

Though it was designed for military, various reasons made it an important part of internet driving protocol which included-

  • It was a military accepted protocol which made it the safest programme for accessing the internet by various industries.
  • It was an easily routable protocol suite which was practical and affordable.
  • It was accepted by almost all networking operating systems and allowed connectivity between various dissimilar systems which made it easier for the IT industry for communication process.
  • It is a fully redundant system and is able to continue communication between different host servers even when the intermediate sites and links might stop functioning during the conversation process.
  • The architecture of the protocol is flexible and the range of networks accessible via the protocol is numerous which made it easier to access.
  • The protocols are in the public domain and are freely available which makes it a popular choice for software companies. This protocol comes with no restrictions on its use and no payment royalties which made it a public favourite.
  • It also is an open standard protocol in which no one has a control over the protocol and anyone and everyone can use it and develop applications, softwares or sub protocols based on it.

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