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South India’s one of the regional languages is called Tamil. This language is mainly spoken by the people of Tamil Nadu, Andaman Islands, Pondicherry, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. It is ranked as the sixth language in India that most of the people speaks. It is derived from the ancient Dravidian language of India. The inhabitants who primarily speak in the Tamil language are known as Tamilians. The Tamil language’s writing system has been derived from the Tamil script, Pallava script, Grantha script, and even few other ancient scripts. It is a 2000 years old language.

Students can receive quality Tamil assignment help service on their provided topic within the deadlines by the writers of BookMyEssay. Most of the people who speak in the Tamil language are Hindu by religion, and there are very few numbers of people speaking in Tamil that practice other religions like Islam and Christianity. The language is well prevalent in many countries of Asia like Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. In Malaysia, the language is even used as one of the media of education along with English, Malay, and Mandarin.

Origin of Tamil

Tamil is considered the ancient Dravidian language with the non-Sanskritic Indian literature. According to the famous linguists Krishnamurti, the language has descended from the Proto-Dravidian which is a Proto-language, and the history suggests that it has been spoken round about the third Millenium BC. It had its appearance probably in the region surrounding the lower basin of Godavari river in peninsular India. The historical evidence supports that the people or the speakers of the Proto-Dravidian adopted the cultures that belonged to the Neolithic periodic complexities of South India. The dissertation experts of BookMyEssay know how gracefully and correctly a homework and assignment can be written.

As per the linguistic evidence, it is clear that the Proto-South Dravidian language was spoken round the period of the middle of 2nd millennium BC and thus the Proto-Tamil language emerged round near about the century 3rd BC. Tamil is non-Sanskritic literature, and therefore the scholars of ancient Literature categorize the Tamil language into three periods. In case of having trouble to prepare a perfect assignment or understanding the clear concept, students may avail the golden opportunity provided by BookMyEssay. They are- Old Tamil that prevailed from 300 BC to AD 700, Middle Tamil that reigned from AD 700 to AD 1600 and Modern Tamil, that prevailed from AD 1600 to the present. As per Sage Agastya, and according to the several Hindu Legend, the Tamil language is considered to be the creation of Lord Shiva. As per the legal status, the formal language of Tamil Nadu is Tamil, and it is among the 22 languages that are drafted in Indian Constitution under the schedule 8. Students can rely on the writers of BookMyEssay entirely for their Tamil coursework help.

Geographical Distribution of the Tamil Language

Most of the people who reside in Tamil Nadu, they speak in the Tamil language as it is their primary language. Accordingly, the residents of Puducherry also speaks in Tamil, and even in the eastern and northern provinces of Sri Lanka, it is the basic language. In the different states of India and even in Sri Lanka, Tamil is used as a language by smaller groups of people, which includes Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, and in the hilly areas of Sri Lanka, Colombo, etc. Till the period of AD 12th century, Tamil and its dialects were used extensively in Kerala as the primary and major language of literature, and administration.

During this age, the Tamil language was also used in inscriptions which were found in southern districts of Karnataka like Mysore, Mandya, Kolar, and Bangalore and were also found in the southern regions of Andhra Pradesh like Nellore and Chittoor. The majority of the Tamil-spoken population has been distributed from the migrants of the colonial-era in Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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