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Best Substance Painter Assignment Help

There are many 3D enthusiasts and professionals who use Substance Painter and it is useful in various ways. Beginning from visual effects to feature animation studios, from Indies to AAA game developers, the industry makes use of Substance Painter for making their creations life-like. Substance Painter is also used for its flexibility, visual quality, and unmatched speed.

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Why Do Users Use Substance Painter?

Substance Painter is highly utilized for weapons, props, characters, etc. Additionally, it is being utilized for assets which have a particular UV layout. It is highly useful for creating dynamic, tile-able, and modular textures and it is habitually used for creating a fundamental material library.

When you have been hunting to develop a substance material for using in a particular game engine, then you will be needed to use Designer. Again, you are also free to use Painter for creating masks and base maps which you can export as well as import into Designer.

In this context, it is worthwhile to use Maya’s Stingray shader as it is an excellent option due to its build utilizing ShaderFX. ShaderFX helps in animating textures. In fact, you can animate Substance parameters in Maya too. However, a renderer can do whatever he wishes to do. When you are looking forward to developing offline renders, then you must not use Stingray shader of Maya as it won’t be very much effective. This is because it works with hardware renderer only.

Actually, shaders and Stingray that are found in Unity and UE4 are designed for being used in real-time application.

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Unique Features of Substance Painter

  • PBR happens to be the default – PBR or Physically Based Rendering happens to be a distinct method to set up texture maps meant for games which can fetch highly-realistic outcomes, and Substance Painter makes use of a PBR format.
  • Substance Painter paints all the maps simultaneously – Substance Painter lessens the hassle of sitting and painting at a time as it allows a user to paint into several channels and that too at only one stroke.
  • Vigorous texture resolution alterations – Suppose, you have painted a whole asset possessing 2k textures and later found out that you require 4k textures, then with Substance Painter, you can easily change that. Painter dominates and creates every detailing that you have painted in the higher resolution only. Substance Painter will insert that size transformation prior to the execution of even the initial paint stroke.
  • Combination of substance impacts – The application of Substance Designer is truly exclusive as it permits people to develop custom tiles textures through the use of various parameters. Due to the designer’s maturity, Substance Designer can add a combination of hand-painted textures with procedural texturing.

Using Substance Tools with Blender

There are many people who are just curious to know whether or not they can use substance tools and blender together. And it is completely possible but you won’t be able to import the Substance materials into the blender directly. Nonetheless, Substance Designer, Bitmap2Material, and Substance Painter are all common bitmap textures which you can import into blender.

Actually, Substance Designer has got an auto-export characteristic which exports a novice bitmap when you make alterations to the graph.

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