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Expert Stock Valuation Assignment Help

Stock valuation is a process to calculate the theoretical values of a company and its stocks. This topic is a complicated one and you should be attentive at the time of computing stocks. We at BookMyEssay, provide you the most reliable Stock Valuation assignment help to the worldwide students. Our team of best Australian writers is holders of Master degree and this assignment will be solved by professionals and experts who are into stock value computation for business organizations and top- level businesses.

What is Stock Valuation?

Stock valuation is a complicated process and it is considered art as well as science. It is a vital tool that helps to make informed decisions regarding trading. This technique determines the value of the stock of a company using standard formulas.

Stock valuation is important for the investors because this method is used by them to predict the future market prices of investments that help them to make purchases or sales decisions. The aim of stock valuation is to find out the Intrinsic value that depicts the future value and also the profitability of a business. We provide Stock Valuation case study assignment assistance and we deliver 100% original and unique content after checking plagiarism issues.

Kinds of Stock Valuation

Methods of stock valuation are categorized primarily into two kinds: relative and absolute. These methods are discussed in our Stock Valuation assignment writing help as follows:

1. Absolute

This valuation method relies on the fundamental information of a company. It finds out the real or intrinsic value based on the fundamentals. It involves analyzing financial information based on the financial statements of a company. The techniques of this stock valuation investigate the dividends, cash flows, and growth rates.

Important absolute stock valuations are discounted cash flow method, dividend discount model, asset-based model, and residual income model.

2. Relative

The relative stock valuation includes investment compared with other companies. This method includes calculating ratios and multiples including P/E multiple and then making comparison with similar companies. For instance, if P/E multiple is lower compared to P/E similar companies then the company is considered undervalued.

This valuation method is quicker and easier to compute than absolute valuation method. This is why many analysts and investors use this method.

Absolute Stock Valuation Methods

The absolute stock valuation methods are the following:

DDM or Dividend Discount Model

It computes the real value of a company. Here, the dividends by a company represent its cash flow to the stakeholders. This model says that the intrinsic value of the share prices of a company is equal to the present value of the future dividends of a company. This model is applicable only if the company pays dividends.

DCF or Discounted Cash Flow Model

This method is used by those companies who do not make dividend payments regularly to their shareholders. It uses discounted cash flow to compute the market value. This method is for those companies who pay or do not pay a dividend.

This model does not make assumptions regarding dividend distribution. This is suitable for those companies that have unpredictable or unknown dividend distribution.

Comparable Method

This method does not use parameters to find out the market value. Rather than finding intrinsic value using the fundamentals of a company, it tries to find out the theoretical price of the stock.

Methods used for Relative Valuation

The following ratios are used for Relative Stock Valuation. Every ratio is described in our assignment and research paper writing help on Stock Valuation.

  • Price per earning
  • Earning per share
  • Return on assets
  • Growth rate
  • Enterprise value
  • P/E to growth ratio
  • Market capitalization

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