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Stakeholder Management Assignment Help
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Stakeholder Management Assignment Help

Share Holder Management is Important

Stakeholder management is a systematic identification, planning, analysis, and action implementation of actions that are designed with engaging stakeholders. Stakeholders are groups or individuals who have an interest in a programmer, project, or portfolio as they are involved in a work or are affected by an outcome. Most programmes, projects, and portfolios shall have various stakeholders with competing and different interests. These groups and individuals may have a significant influence on the final failure and success of a work. If you want a good quality Stakeholder Management assignment help then BookMyEssay is a perfect choice. Stakeholder management is a technique that uses a positive influence and also reduces the effects of a negative influence. It consists of four steps including identifying stakeholders, assessing their influence and interest, influencing and engaging stakeholders, and developing a communication management plan. At BookMyEssay, we offer excellent assignment help services with the help of our highly qualified academic tutors. We have several years of experience that can help the students on several topics that include stakeholder management. Prior to composing an assignment, our experts do well-research and thus they are able to provide you with an excellent Stakeholder Management assignment writing help.

Stakeholder Management – A Summary

Stakeholders are people who remain affected by a project. A stakeholder may be a resistor or a supporter. Stakeholder Management includes stakeholder’s identification, analysis of the influences and expectations, development of perfect strategies for working with stakeholders and process execution. Expectations and needs of the stakeholders must be understood. Management of conflict interests and including stakeholders in key project activities and decisions are also important. All this are a part of a stakeholder management process. A project manager has to possess the ability to identify the influences and needs of a stakeholder for managing it effectively.

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The process to identify stakeholders are affected by a project that is called an Identity Stakeholder Process. A project manager shall be able to locate an appropriate focus of every stakeholder as a result to identify a stakeholder process. Stakeholders may include sponsors, customers, management, employees, society, and government. These stakeholders possess a great potential to put a positive or a negative influence on a project deliverable.

The needs of stakeholders should be identified at a very early stage so that all your voices and requirements are met. The stakeholders may be classified according to the factors including interest in a project, level of influence on a project, and its involvement. For a project’s success, a project manager should have a relationship, which is cordial and very success oriented.

A Stakeholder process may receive inputs from the following:

  • Project Charter– External and Internal parties who are related to a project
  • Procurement Documents– The parties who are included in a procurement contract may be key project stakeholders.
  • Organizational Process Assets– Stakeholders registers from earlier lessons and projects are vital inputs to identify stakeholders.
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors– Organizational structure, culture, governmental trends, regulations, practices of individuals present environmental factors.

A quantitative and qualitative analysis is needed to determine systematically the shareholders’ interest throughout the entire project.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Their interests should be identified
  • Their expectations may be identified
  • Their relationships may be leveraged for building partnerships with a stakeholder.

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