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Stable Exchange Rates Assignment Help
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Stable Exchange Rates Assignment Help

In finance management, you will come across the term like fixed or stable exchange rate. It is a government policy whereby the value of the currency of the country is fixed against an internationally recognized currency or gold. In general, when a stable exchange rate is determined, the government or the regulatory authority of the country fixed the value of their currency against US dollar as the US dollar is the most used currency in the international trade. Sometimes, the country may also determine stable exchange rates against the currencies where they trade mode. In finance management, the topic has a wide implication. You have to learn the why do the countries do so, how do they fix the exchange rates, what are its legal consequence, what are its benefits and many other related matters. You will also get some assignments on the topic. We, at BookMyEssay, provide no.1 Stable Exchange rate assignment help. Our finance assignment writers are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the topic. So, you have not to worry about the assignment or any matter related to it.

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Stable Exchange Rates: An Overview

As the name suggests, in a stable exchange rate system, a trader can exchange the currency of their country to another currency of another country at a fixed rate. It does not change as long as the government or the appropriate authority decides to change it again. For example, the currency of Saudi Arab is fixed against US dollars and pegged at 3.75 riyals. This is a part of the country’s national planning as they have a strong trade relationship with the USA and the international oil prices are normally fixed in US dollars.

Stable Exchange Rates have some advantages. It keeps the market much stable and traders confident. The foreign investors and business people who want to do business with that country also get confidence because they know that the currency will not fluctuate according to the international market and them have not to bear the loss of fall in currency value of the country. That means, when an American invests in some business in Saudi Arabia, the businessman knows that the invested fund value or the profit margin will not deteriorate due to any fluctuation in the currency value of Saudi Arabia against US dollars.

A Stable Exchange Rate also lowers inflation. If the exchange rate of a country is fixed against dollar or pound or euro, there remains a keen possibility of much more stable market. As these currencies, always do well in the international market. If the exchange rate fluctuates and goes down anyhow, the important rate from the USA or Europe increases leading to increased inflation.

However, there are some disadvantages too. The concerned country needs to have sufficient foreign exchange reserves to maintain the current value of the currency. There are some other disadvantages too. This is an intensive finance matter that you will learn in your course. There are many political aspirations too linked with this matter as it happened between China and the USA. There are many instances where some countries have created conditional Stable Exchange Rates.

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