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Solid Mechanics Assignment Help
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Solid Mechanics Assignment Help

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What is Solid Mechanics?

Solid mechanics is the detail study of the change, modification, and motion of solid materials under the action of different forces. It is one of the important and fundamental stream of applied engineering, in that sense, it is useful in describing, explaining and predicting many of the physical incidents happening in this world.

Solid mechanics is a vast subject. One of the prime reasons for its vastness is the wide variety of materials which falls under its domain, like steel, wood, foam, plastic, foodstuffs, textiles, concrete, biological materials, and many more. Another reason is the wide range of applications of these materials. With the advancement of science, engineering and technology, the importance of this materials are also increasing simultaneously, i.e. the application of these materials are increasing side by side. So, the importance of solid mechanics is increasing in parallel.

Different Aspects of Solid Mechanics:

The basic concept of Solid Mechanics starts with the discussion and scientific analysis of rigid body. A rigid body is an ideal material in which the distance between any two particles never changes.

The mechanics of rigid body is typically subdivided into two parts –

  • Statics – It is the mechanics of materials and structures, which are always at rest, e.g. a cable stayed bridge.
  • Dynamics – It is the mechanics of bodies, which are changing speed constantly, e.g. an accelerating elevator or a train running on a track.

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Some Important Definitions:

Here are some important definitions that are frequently used in solid mechanics –

1. Stress – A body undergoes deformation when an external force acts on it, but at the same time, the body also tries to resist that deformation. The magnitude of the resisting force is mathematically equal to the force applied on the body. This resisting force produced by the body per unit area is called stress. So, the mathematical formula for stress can be enumerated as, Stress = Force/Area.

2. Strain – A change in the dimension of the body takes place, when the body is subjected to an external force. This is called the strain on the body. Numerically, the strain is equal to the ratio of change in length to the original length of the body. So, Strain = Change in length of the body/Original length of the body or e = δL/L, where e = strain and L = length of the body.

3. Hooke’s Law – The law states that when a material is loaded, the stress is always directly proportional to the strain.

i.e. Stress ∝ Strain
σ ∝ e
or, σ = Ee
or, E = σ/e unit is N/mm2

E – Young’s modulus
σ – Stress
e – Strain

4. Poisson’s Ratio – It states that when a body is stressed, within its elastic limit, the ratio of lateral strain to the longitudinal strain is always constant for a given material.

5. Strain Energy – In the strained condition, some amount of energy so produced get absorbed in the body. The energy so absorbed is known as strain energy.

6. Principal of Super Position – According to this principal, the resultant distortion in the shape of the body is equal to the algebraic sum of the deformation of each part of the body.

Some Other Topics Included in Solid Mechanics:

Following are the other related topics of solid mechanics –

  • Thermo-mechanics – Analysis of materials depending on the principles of thermodynamics.
  • Bio-mechanics – The analysis of working procedures of biological and physical objects.
  • Large Deformation Mechanics – The study of objects like rubber and muscle, which could be deformed easily.
  • Mechanics of Composite Materials – Study of solid mechanics of materials that are made of more than one product.
  • Contact Mechanics – It is the study of materials in contact with each other, like gears.

Writing on Solid Mechanics Assignment

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