Social Responsibility of Business Enterprises Assignment Help

Social Responsibility of Business Enterprises Assignment Help
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Social Responsibility of Business Enterprises Assignment Help

The concept of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is an ethical behavior of a business enterprise towards society. If you are a commerce student, you will be assigned various kinds of assignments including an assignment on Social Responsibility of organizations. Many students have poor writing skills, no reference or citation knowledge, and time constraints. This makes them search for Social Responsibility of Business Enterprises assignment help online from BookMyEssay. We offer you outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility case study writing that will help you to achieve your dream and desired grades. Our experts also help you to understand the subject-matter in a much better manner.

What is the Social Responsibility of Business Enterprise?

The Social Responsibility of Business Enterprise is an introduction of ethics and social responsibility in business. The main objective to study this course is understanding the ethical issues that appear in business. This concept encourages organizations in considering the society’s interests for the impact of the activities of an organization on employees, customers, communities, shareholders, and environment regarding the aspects of operations.

Social Responsibility of business is what a business does above the statutory requirement for the society’s benefit. The word ‘responsibility’ means a business has got some moral obligations towards society. The corporate citizenship term is used commonly to refer to the moral obligations of business towards society. It says that similar to individuals, corporates belong to society and are guided by social norms.

Reasons for the growing concern of Social Responsibility of Business Enterprises

There are many reasons why Social Responsibility has become a matter of discussion in recent times:

  • Education: Education has made people look out for better life quality. They have begun to compare products, quality, prices, etc. Adverse publicity made by a profit-making business is a reason for the growth of CSR investments. Businesses need to provide better quality services and products at reasonable prices. So, if businesses run just to make profits they are surely going to survive in the long run.
  • Regulation: If a business makes income through deceitful and fraudulent ways, then the public might get angry. The public may want the government to introduce restrictive regulatory measures. The businessmen have no other choice but to conduct the business in a fair manner without resorting to dubious means with an intention to make additional profit.
  • Trade unions and employees: Profit making businesses are forced by trade unions and employees to share their profits with the society and community at large, besides sharing it with employees.
  • Public image: Building up a good public image is essential for every business to grow and survive. Companies have realized the importance of wealth creation. They are compelled to commit a portion of their net profits towards CSR activities. This helps the businesses to build a better public image.

Benefits of Social Responsibility of Business Enterprises

The significance of CSR have been highlighted in our Social Responsibility of Business Enterprises homework and assignment help as follows:

  • Long-term interest: Working for the stakeholders, society, and the government helps a business enterprise to establish a strong public image. A business enterprise with vested interests is usually ignored by society.
  • Indebted to society: A business uses society’s resources for its functioning. Hence, it becomes compulsory for a business to pay back the dues by serving society. This practice helps an organization to establish itself on a strong foundation.
  • Social Power: Business persons have immense social power. They can change the population’s destiny by deciding on important matters such as economic progress, income distribution among various income groups, etc.
  • Law and order: A peaceful society can help in the expansion of a business otherwise the weaker sections can rebel and may not follow law and order. This can threaten a business’ existence.

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