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Silex Framework Assignment Help
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Best Silex Framework Assignment Help

The wide-ranging purpose of Silex tends to highly lightweight as a person needs it to be and it is made easy for including features and outspread the Silex base. Students, who are interested in knowing this topic in details, decide to take up its study.

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What is Silex Framework?

Silex is recognized as a PHP micro-framework which is grounded on Symfony compounds and it is inspired by the Sinatra Ruby framework. Silex is written in PHP, Twig, Symfony, and Doctrine and it is also MIT Licensed.

You can use Silex for the formation of small web applications as it is the chief cause intended for micro frameworks. Nonetheless, you can extend Silex into a full-stack MVC framework. Silex is found in a couple of versions, namely; ‘slim’ and ‘fat’. There is a difference that separates them from each other.

The fat version is entirely featured and comprises a template engine, database abstraction, and different Symfony compounds. On the contrary, the slim version comes equipped with a mere routing engine only.

Features of Silex

The basic feature set of Silex is a URL routing system, Sessions, built-in Web Security, and Cookies abstraction. The lengthy version of the features of Silex is the combination of Doctrine, Twig, one Translation service which is used for translating your application into various other languages, and a logging method utilizing the Monolog library for logging errors and requests and services for from generation and validation, and much more.

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Routing of Silex

In Silex, users define a route as well as the controller which is called when that route gets matched. The route pattern comprises:

  • Pattern – The job of the route pattern is defining a path which directs to a resource. It can comprise variable parts and here, you become capable of setting RegExp needs for them.
  • Method – Method describes the interaction that happens with the resource and the HTTP methods are GET, DELETE, PUT, POST, PATCH, or OPTIONS.

What is the Function of a Microframework?

Silex is developed on the shoulders of Pimple and Symfony and it gets inspired by Sinatra. The job of a microframework is providing the guts to develop simple single-file applications and Silex intends to be the following:

  • Extensile – Silex has got an extension system which is grounded around the Pimple micro service-container which turns it easier to get tied to third-party libraries.
  • Concise – Silex does expose a concise and intuitive API which is really fun to use.
  • Testable – Silex utilizes HttpKernel from Symfony that abstracts response and request. It turns it pretty easy to test applications and the framework too. Additionally, it does respect the HTTP specification and encourage its appropriate usage.

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Benefits of Silex Framework

The reasons for which you will use the Silex framework are as follows:

  • Interoperable features.
  • Security Concern.
  • Structured Code.
  • Learning curve.
  • Easy to use.

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