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Service and Banking Organizations Assignment Help
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Online Service and Banking Organizations Assignment Help

With passing time, bankers, as well as the managers of different financial institutions, have formed various organizational forms for performing different roles and supplying the services according to the demands of the customers. The importance of the service and banking organizations can’t be ignored at any point of time and so, its study too continues to be important for countless students.

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Overview of Banks

A bank is recognized as an institution which proposes financial services to businesses, consumers, and governments. Commercial banks are considered the major kinds of bank and they have got fewer confinements on their services compared to other kinds of banks. Again, commercial banks do make profits when they take deposits from the customers and for this, consumers pay a comparatively low rate of interest.

These borrowers happen to be people who are buying homes, cars, and different other things. Banks do generate revenue from services, like investment sales, asset management, and mortgage loan maintenance. Besides commercial banks, several kinds of banks are there that include trust companies, central banks, and savings banks. Savings banks are pretty similar to commercial banks except that they are geared towards serving people in place of businesses.

Trust services are habitually proposed by the commercial banks’ departments and Central banks are commonly government-controlled institutions which serve monetary and regulatory management roles. Amongst other activities, a central bank might issue the currency of a nation and help in determining the rates of interest, issue as well as redeem government debt, and disburse government resources.

Different Departments of a Bank

The internal construction of a usual commercial bank commonly comprise 10 various departments and they are retail banking, wealth management, loan servicing, electronic banking, wire transfer operations, mortgage banking, commercial banking, cash management, deposit operations, and investment banking.

The customer service managers, loan officers, and tellers work within retail banking and these banking professional aid customers with checking accounts, debit cards, mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans. Again, loan servicing agents do handle business loan payments as well as collections and wealth management professional aid the customers of a bank with investment portfolio and financial planning management services.

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Various Kinds of Services of a Bank

  • Individual Banking – These banks commonly propose various services for assisting people in managing their finances that include insurance, wealth management, checking accounts, debit and credit cards, and savings accounts.
  • Business Banking – The majority of the banks supply financial services meant for business owners who require differentiating personal and professional finances. Different kinds of business banking services include checking accounts, business loans, merchant services, savings account, treasury services, and debit and credit cards.
  • Digital Banking – The capability to manage your finances from your tablet, computer, or smartphone is turning more and more significant to countless customers out there. Banks do propose digital banking services like eStatements, online bill pay, text alerts, and mobile check deposit.
  • Loans – Loans are considered a common banking service which is being offered and they are available in every shape and size. Some common kinds of loans which banks propose are business loans, home loans, home equity loans, and personal loans.

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