Semiconductor Devices Assignment Help

Semiconductor Devices Assignment Help
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Semiconductor Devices Assignment Help

Semiconductor devices are electronic components that use the electronic properties of semiconductor material mainly germanium, silicon, and gallium arsenide. We at BookMyEssay, provide round-the-clock support for Semiconductor Devices assignment help. Our online tutors provide support for complicated Semiconductor Devices homework and assignment to the engineering students. The best Australian writer make every endeavor to submit the assignments within the deadline. Our engineering assignments are well-formatted, well-versed, and well-researched, so you can be assured of receiving top grades in your academics.

What are Semiconductor Devices?

Semiconductor Devices are made up of materials that are neither good conductors nor good insulators. These devices have wide applications due to their compactness, reliability, and low cost. They are discrete components that are used in compactness optical sensors, power devices, and light emitters.

These devices have replaced vacuum tubes in several applications. These devices use electronic conduction in a solid state and are manufactured for integrated circuits as well as discrete devices. Semiconductor devices have wide applications due to their compactness, reliability, and low cost.

They have a huge range of voltage and current handling capabilities having current ratings of over 5,000 amperes and voltage ratings of over 100,000 volts. Semiconductor materials can be manipulated easily by adding impurities known as doping.

Semiconductor Devices- Types

Semiconductor devices are classified on the basis of two-terminal, terminal, and three-terminal devices. The two-terminal devices are Zener diode, Diode, Light-emitting diode, Phototransistor, Photocell, Solar Cell, etc. Three-terminal devices include IGBT, Bipolar Transistor, Silicon-controlled rectifier, Thyristor, etc.

Some of the semiconductor devices have been explained in our Semiconductor Devices case study assignment help as follows:

  • Diode: Diodes are semiconductor devices comprising of single p-n junctions. P-N junctions are created by joining n-type and p-type semiconductor materials. This formation happens because the electron concentration in the n-type region is more compared to the p-type region. The electrons thus get diffused to the p-type region from n-type. This phenomenon generates light.
  • Transistors: Two kinds of transistors are there; field effect transistor and bipolar junction transistor. They are created by two p-n junctions, either n-p-n or p-n-p configuration. The base or middle is very narrow. The other regions are called the collector and emitter.

Semiconductor Device Materials

Si or silicon is a widely used material. Its raw material cost is low and the process is relatively simple. Its temperature range makes it the best material among the many competing materials. Silicon used in semiconductor devices is fabricated into bowls and they have large diameters to manufacture 12 inches’ wafers.

Germanium or Ge was extensively used in primary semiconductor materials, however, it is less useful compared to silicon due to its thermal sensitivity. Germanium is alloyed with silicon for using in high-speed Silicon-Germaniun devices.

Gallium Arsenide or GaAs is used in high-speed devices, however, it is not easy to create large-diameter bowls with this material, restricting the diameter sizes of the wafer. This makes mass production of GaAs devices much more expensive compared to silicon.

Benefits of Semiconductor Devices

The benefits of Semiconductor Devices have been highlighted by our Semiconductor Devices assignment writing help experts as follows:

  • The semiconductor devices do not have filaments and therefore, you do not need to heat them to cause electrons emission.
  • As no heat is required, these devices can operate the moment circuit is switched on.
  • During operation, these devices do not give any humming noise.
  • They need low voltage operation in comparison to vacuum compact.
  • They are shockproof
  • They are cheaper in comparison to vacuum tubes
  • As they are very small in size, the circuits are very compact.
  • They have an unlimited life.
  • As no vacuum needs to be created in these devices, they do not have vacuum deterioration trouble.

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