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If you are getting stuck with your SDL Trados assignment help, and are current looking for options you are at the right place. We at BookMyEssay have over a 9 year experience in providing academic assignment help and the following sections below will make your choice easier.

What is SDL Tardos?

Let’s know a bit about the topic at hand before getting to know more about your SDL Trados homework and assignment writing help. SDL Trados is a computer-assisted translation software suite originally developed by the Trados GmbH and currently available from SDL plc. It has emerged as a leader in translation software and provides novel solutions for freelance translators, language service providers, corporate language departments and various academic institutions.

Ever since SDL’s establishment in 1992 it has continued to develop the largest valise of language translation solutions with over 250,000 licenses, hundreds of installations and billions of translated words through its unique machine translation software.

What SDL Tardos Does for Translation?

SDL provides its users a wide range of unique language translation platform which includes translation memory productivity software for the individual translator to project management tools for translation teams also from localization management solutions to cloud-based machine translation.

When a user uses SDL Trados Studio they are not just investing in the translation productivity software, but in turn they are investing in a computer assisted translation tool that integrates with the full SDL Language Platform.

Some of the extended features of SDL are as follows –

  • SDL Studio GroupShare is used by translators for sharing centralized translation assets.
  • SDL Language Cloud for creating high-quality accurate machine translation.
  • SDL WorldServer facilitates translation management.

Other Features of SDL

Translation memory

In SDL, translation memory is a database that help the programmer  store sentences, paragraphs or segments of text that have been translated before. Every segment, in the translation memory comprises the original language, known as the “source” and the translation, the “target“.  The pairs are known as translation units, or “TUs“.

Terminology management

The users can use this searchable database which contains lists of terms and additional term data ensuring consistency within translations. Terminology management allows the translator to achieve efficient and errorless translations by clubbing the terms with a set of rules for their use; this looks that the correct term is used in a translation.

Translation management

SDL provides the technology to manage the process for translating and localizing units. This feature provides the automation of the translation process for the translator by eliminating repetitive and laborious manual tasks with enabling control, adding collaboration and providing greater efficiency. Using the database, integration standards and technologies, translation management integrates the data, content systems and language assets involved in the translation process.

Machine translation

In SDL, a translation carried out by a machine without any human involvement. The systems are rules-based or statistical. When translating with SDL Trados Studio, the segments not used up from translation memory can automatically be machine translated for the user to review, accept, amend, or decide for manual translation. A translator can decide which machine translation to use and how much is used.

Software localization

It is a feature in SDL that helps the translation of the translators User Interface. This function localizes the software in order to overcome cultural barriers for their products to reach a wide range of target audience. Software localization is basically the process of accommodating a software product according to linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a prospective user. This process is a labor-intensive process and requires a great amount of time from the development teams.

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