Sales and Leaseback of Non-Current Assets Assignment Help

Sales and Leaseback of Non-Current Assets Assignment Help
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Sales and Leaseback of Non-Current Assets Assignment Help

Sales and Leaseback is a financial term which means you sell a property or an asset and made an agreement with the new owner that you will use that property or asset for a definite period in future. So, the property or asset is no longer your own but you get the benefits of utilizing it. On the other hand, a non-current asset is an asset that is not going to fetch any liquid cash in near future. So, sale and leaseback of the non-current asset is a core financial matter but if you get finance assignment on the topic, do not worry.  We are here to guide you through our state-of-the-art Sale and Leaseback of Non-Current Assets assignment help. We have appointed specialized writers possessing industrial experience in this field and of course, they are top degree holders in finance. They are the most competent people to handle the critical subject in finance and accounts including sale and leaseback of non-current assets.

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The Definition of Sale and Leaseback

The sale and leaseback is a financial transaction where a company sales an asset or property to another company or an individual and then again take a lease of that asset or property for a definite period.

In this case, the company or the individual who purchases the asset becomes the lessor and the company who sold the asset becomes the lessee. These types of transactions are mostly performed with the bank, insurance companies, and leasing companies. A lease agreement is prepared to depend on the period for which the lease is given. The seller could not show in their asset part on the balance sheet.

Why do a Company Take Sale and Leaseback Decision?

It is a critical issue which depends on the company’s financial and accounting policies. A company may need some immediate cash for meeting short-term debts and that could only be possible if they can sale an important asset. There may be some operating issues with some machinery when a company takes this decision. Again, it may be an accounting tactic, by arranging for capital lease the company may want to keep the asset and liability columns on the balance sheet to some extent clear.

The Advantages of Sale and Leaseback of Non-Current Assets

The primary benefit of undertaking this process is that the seller could accumulate some cash for any other activities while enjoying the full benefits of the asset. In most of the cases, this is a cheaper way of availing the benefits of a non-current asset whose financing may be more expensive than leasing.

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