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Rural Development in India – An Introduction

Rural Development is an important aspect that fuels the economic growth of a country. Since, in India, agriculture consumes maximum share, it aims to contributes to 1/5th of gross domestic product in India.  For increasing the agriculture growth, Government has set onto planning a number of which can accelerate the Rural Development in India. In order to regulate and monitor all the aspects related to rural development, Ministry of Rural Development in India has been established. It is perceived as a legal authority which aims to accelerate the rural development in India. This department has an important role to play in managing the rural business and economy.

Ministry of Rural Development in India is considered is the Apex Body for framing policies, regulations and rule that concern that pertains to the rural sector development. Rural business comprises of major components such as Agriculture, Handicrafts, Fisheries, Dairy, Poultry, among others. This ministry is engaged in framing legislations for economic and social improvement of the rural population. It also envisions improved execution of credit access, land reforms, influential rural development programs and better decentralized planning. Get Rural Development assignment help & case study writing service on Rural Development topic 24/7 from experienced writers of BookMyEssay at affordable prices, 100% accuracy guaranteed.

Defining ‘Rural’ as Discussed in the Rural Development Coursework

A major chunk of people presents a clear idea about how development is taking place in the rural towns. In a nutshell, there is no clear difference between rural and urban areas wherein countries identify a cut-off point. It typically hints to population size of a range of human settlements – villages, towns, etc. Also, this threshold differs from a single country to another, in part to differences that come in the overall density population.

Rural is defined to the areas that have low population density which is compared to areas and cities, wherein a major chunk of activities comprises of agriculture that rule the landscape and economy. However, the definition also includes towns which is situated linked to these areas. Also, these are linked to them economically by acting as a central point for people who are residing in the surrounding areas. Rural communities face distinct challenges which are associated with livelihoods that are based on natural resource, poor communications and low population densities. So, the authorities assess problems which relates to different challenges, conditions, and processes in rural development. Rural Development coursework writing help – always low prices and high quality.

How Rural Development is Perceived as Policy and Process?

Rural development is a topic that has emerged as distinct policy focus and research which has gained its roots in 1960s and came into full momentum in 1970s. This is because economic growth and industrialisation has made a great impact with the influence of rural areas and their development. It has managed to gain high end country’s development owing to superior standards followed in farming. The Ministry has imposed several measures to overcome hurdles with respect to development and evolution in the rural sector. One of the common problems faced by farmers is the generational transfer. The ministry works with the sole motive of protecting and preserving all the cultural and natural resources to remove these hurdles.

What is the Basic Purpose of Rural Development?

As the common help topic in the Rural Development assignment, students need to study about the impact and need of development. This category of development focusses on the initiating and infusing social change in combination with sustainable economic development. All these measures are aimed at progress of rural community´s ongoing progress. The final goal remains to improve quality of life, judicious use of resources and preserving the environment. The ministry works with the sole motive of staying three basic needs though rural development that results in a sustainable future. These include

  • Working towards the betterment of millions of people´s who reside in a country; therefore, it aims at bridging the rural-urban gap, kicking out the poverty as well as acting a guard against city migration.
  • The development of rural sector protects and preserves landscape, natural, as well as all the cultural resources by introducing measures of their optimum usage.
  • Handing over access to food to population spanning worldwide
  • It aims at initiand and supporting a sustainable farming production

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