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Rhodes Framework Assignment Help
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Rhodes Framework Assignment Help Service

Rhodes is a Ruby-based open-source mobile application framework produced by Motorola Solutions Inc to build native applications. These applications may run on the Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, and RIM. If you find composing assignments on this topic complicated then you may avail Rhodes Framework assignment help from BookMyEssay.

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Rhodes Framework- A Summary

Rhodes is developed by Rhomobile- an intriguing framework of Ruby that is used for developing native applications for iPhone, RIM (Blackberry), Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphone platforms with Android support.

Rhomobile has put together technologies that work on every supported mobile platform including Ruby interpreter, an object mapper, a synchronization library, and functions that allow the developers to get access to the features such as accelerators, GPS, and contact storage. Rhodes is not at version 1.0 and some developers are submitting Rhodes-powered apps to iPhone App Store.

The developed applications work along with device capabilities and synchronized data such as GPS, camera, PIM contacts and calendar, barcode, push, Bluetooth, signature capture, and Near Field Communications. Rhodes offers support to Model View Controller. A common way of installation of Rhodes is installing the RhoMobile Suite. RhoStudio facilitates the development of a native smartphone application.

Rhodes is an open source and it is directly available from Github. Rhomobile has started a tutorial on the way to start Rhodes. They have launched “Development Challenge” a mobile application as a way to promote this framework. It is an exciting technology and opening up iPhone to developers of Ruby is a great deal.

Features of Rhodes Framework

The features of Rhodes Framework include the following:

  • Supports the major smartphones
  • Model-View-Controller- MVC that separates the interaction from the representation of information of the user.
  • App Store Accepts
  • HTML5 support
  • Barcode/Bluetooth/Signature Capture
  • Hosted offering
  • Offline Data synchronization
  • Basic Sync
  • Metadata Layer
  • Hosted SaaS option
  • Native Push APIs
  • Ruby implementation
  • RhoGen app generator
  • RhoSync synchronization

Advantages of Rhodes Framework

Rhodes framework provides several advantages compared to other mobile frameworks. Some of the advantages of this framework are as follows:

  • It is the only smartphone framework that offers support to Model View Controller pattern
  • The only framework to provide support to the Object-Relational manager
  • The only smartphone to offer disconnected and offline data access with Rho-Synch server
  • The only framework to support all mobile devices such as Blackberry, Android, Symbian, iPhone, and Windows.
  • Provides Ruby implementation on all smartphone devices operating system.
  • Provides web-based Development Environment to develop mobile applications for smartphone platforms with RhoHub development service.

Rhodes 1.0 framework is available at the Rhomobile website, it minimizes development times using HTML rather than different native operating system languages regarding devices. Developers are able to access smartphone capabilities such as PIM, GPS, camera, and data. Mobile applications may interact with the hosted enterprise applications including ERP and CRM and users are able to work offline along with synchronized local data.

Rhodes has been able to build applications to geo-code photographs through GPS. The product allows the developers to use web development skills to build mobile device applications and can build multiple platforms easily.

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