Retail Banking Assignments Help

Retail Banking Assignments Help
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Retail Banking Assignments Help

Retail banking is the banking process that directly deals with consumers. It offers all the basic banking services like opening savings and current accounts, controlling daily account activities, sanctioning loans to the account holders, and many more customer related services. Retail banking customers are different from corporate and government bodies for whom corporate banking service is conducted by the banks. Students of accounts, finance and banking management are taught various aspects of retail banking and retail banking management. At the same time, assignments on retail banking is also frequently given to the students to check their knowledge and capability to apply the leaned lessons in various real world situations. Students are habituated to take help of BookMyEssay – the most authentic, reliable and professional Retail banking accounting assignment help provider.

Different Aspects of Retail Banking Service

Simply specking retail banking manages day-to-day banking activities of individual account holders of the bank. These day-to-day activities range from opening of bank accounts to providing loans and collecting interest from the customers.

Bank accounts like checking accounts, savings accounts, pension accounts and retirement accounts have their respective features and limitations. Again, the name of such accounts and their characteristics change from one country to another. Saving accounts generally are available with debit cards and online transaction facilities. Account holder can deposit their household income in savings account, which they can withdraw partly or fully as and when required.

 Three principal characteristics of retail banking are as follows –

  1. These banks offer credit (loan) to the customers in simple terms and conditions to buy assets like homes, cars, computers, etc. They also provide business loans to small entrepreneurs, educational loans to students and personal loans to any account holders on certain conditions.
  2. Retail banks provide the safest place to deposit money. They provide interest at different rates against various types of deposit schemes. Money always remain secured and increases with the addition of interest.
  3. Retail banks provide you banking tools like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc. with which an account holder can easily transact without handling cash. This provides extra security and higher mobility.

A retail bank works in the following ways –

Account holders deposit money in the bank, which is used by the bank to offer loans to the customers and other legal entities. The bank then charges higher interest rates than they actually pay to their customers against their deposits. The chargeable interest on loans and payable interest on deposits are normally controlled by the federal government and the central bank of the concerned nation.

Normally, through a complicated statistical method, the banks decide how much amount is to be preserved for the normal banking transactions and how much could be used to offer loans. Again, the central bank of the nation puts a ceiling on these aspects. As a result, normal transactions run smoothly while the banks generate income though paying loans and collecting interests.

Assignments on Retail Banking

Students are given various assignments on retail banking. In any case, they need to show the highest level of expertise in every aspects of retail banking to accomplish such assignments. These days, IT is intensively used in retail banking and management. So, thorough knowledge on that system is also required to write consumer banking or retail banking assignment or homework.

Some common topics which are mostly included in assignments are as follows –

  • IT and role of technology in banking.
  • CRM in retail banking.
  • E-banking and future of retail banking.
  • Requirement of innovative products in retail banking system.
  • Importance of mobile banking.
  • Common frauds in retail banking system
  • Loan recovery mechanism in retail banking system.
  • Comparative analysis of banks in terms of service quality.
  • Rural banking concept in developed nations.
  • Impact of internet banking on customers.

There are many other topics included in retail banking concept. So, without in-depth knowledge on the whole system, working procedure and future of retail banking, it is really tough to handle assignments on retail banking.

Professional retail banking assignment help

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Apart from the quality of the writers, the service provided by BookMyEssay is highly acclaimed due to the following reasons –

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