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Resource Description Framework Assignment Help
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Resource Description Framework Assignment Help

Gone are those days of doing everything by paper and pen. With the advent of new cutting age technological tools, it is very important to understand the basics and work on understanding them.But when it happens to be an assignment; just writing about the basics is not enough.You need to have a wide range of information which is credible and to the point but easy to understand and free from grammatical errors and plagiarism.

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What is Resource Description Framework?

Let’s look in to the basics first for your Resource Description Framework homework and assignment help. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a family of World Wide Web specifications originally designed as a metadata data model. In a more basic sense, it is a language that is used to represent the related information about the sources found in WWW.

In resource description framework, the resources are identified with the help of a URI. A resource can be anything which has an identity and can be searchable. It can be an image, audio, text, document etc. But not all resources can be retrieved by the WWW.Some of the examples of non-retrievable sources are human beings, business corporations, bound library reference books etc. The most important thing to note is that resource is described in the form of simple statements whose main components is the subject, a predicate and an object.

A resource description framework can include various clusters of information that classifies and describes content in terms of ratings by the audience or content, key words for various search engine data collection, subject categories and so on. It makes possible for everyone to share details and information about the websites and the developers to build codes and products using the metadata to provide better search engines. It also enable developers to work as intelligence agents and provide users cyber security and reduces illegal hacking by giving users a much better viewer control. For ex is a resource whose subject is the html index, predicate is the information about Mayfair org and the object is Mayfair organization.

A resource description framework works on the basis of an internet resource which includes some minute uniform resource locators that helps in the identification of the websites and the specific webpage’s. Now RDF is based on a formal W3C recommendation which means that it can be used by the general masses and acceded daily. As of now, a second W3C recommendation is in the works which is at the proposal stage.

This version proposed a system in which a single class of keyword based description can be stored and accessed. This division according to schema based sub classes will save a lot of time to type in repetitions of a single reference descriptions of a particular resource description framework. Some of the benefits of this system could be- a consistent framework of metadata, a standard syntax for the enquiry and description of the metadata, more easier exchange of information within various applications, more precision in search results because of the cluster wise and schema based syntax grouping and availability of more precise data for software experts and a reduced chance of illegal hacking.

Types of Resource Description Framework

A resource description framework can also be represented by a graph in which each statement is a triplet and each of these triplets corresponds to the arc in the representative graph. There are two kinds of Resource description framework of literal or reference nodes-

  • A plain literal where the character string comes with an optional associated language and
  • A typed literal where the data type defines syntax and semantics of sets of characters that represents complex data.

Significance of Schemas

Schemas are an important concept in the resource description framework which provides a platform to express the information about the resources in simple statements. It represents a conceptual model of a part of the information by defining the concepts and their sub properties. There are two basic components of schemas-

  • Domain- It is the entity of an wide range of entities that are used as a subject in the Resource description framework statement
  • Range-It is the class of entities that is used as an object of a Resource description framework statement.

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