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Reserves and Equity Assignment Help
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Reserves and Equity Assignment Help

The concept of reserves and equity is a vital part of finance and accounting. The concept is a bit complicated and includes numerous mathematical calculations, which becomes quite challenging for the students. Hence, for proper guidance, students pursuing Accounting course take online Reserves and Equity assignment help from BookMyEssay. We feel proud to inform you that we are no.1 in this Financial accounting assignment service. Students prefer our professional approach who never disappoint them. Our writers are the best ones in this field.

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Students from all across the globe avail the assignment writing services of BookMyEssay to shine in academics. Our experts cover all the aspects of financial accounting and deliver the best Reserves and Equity assignment writing service to the college and the university students. Our writers are skilled accounting professionals and thus they can deliver high-quality Reserves and Equity homework assignment help online. The team of dedicated accounting assignment help experts guarantee that the students get good grades. This is possible because we provide superior quality assignments even on the most difficult topics of Financial accounting. Our writers complete the assignments on time and deliver them within the deadline. We have zero plagiarism policy towards our coursework and can provide 100% original work and moreover, every Reserves and Equity coursework assignment is delivered in a customized manner.

An Overview of Reserves and Equity

A Balance Sheet depicts the financial strength of a company. It shows the net worth of the business or the total assets and total liabilities of an organization. at the end of a given time. A balance sheet is divided into three major components- assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. Shareholders equity is a part of the total assets and it belongs purely to the shareholders. Shareholders’ equity is the sum of all capital, which is received from the investors, additionally the accumulated earnings as reserves and surplus. Share Capital is the fund raised by a company through the issue of shares. The equity share capital increases when the company issues more shares. Reserves are the accumulated profits earned and retained by a company. It is the profit that remains after payment of dividend to the shareholders. When the money is reinvested into a company, the reserves and surplus account expands. The study of reserves and equity forms part of the Financial Accounting subject.

The Basics of Equity and Reserves

Equity finance is the method of raising capital by a company by selling its shares to the public, financial institutions, or the institutional investors. Shareholders are the people who buy these shares and they receive ownership in the company. This is a method of raising capital for meeting the liquidity requirements of a company. A company opts for equity financing for the purpose of expansion and diversification and also to fulfill its liquidity requirements. In case of equity financing, the company should prepare the prospectus mentioning the financial details and what it plans to do with those funds. Equity Financing is different from the debt financing. Equity capital like the debt capital is not repaid to the investors. Equity value is calculated by estimating its current market value from which total liabilities are deducted. It is listed as the owners’ equity on the balance sheet.

Reserves are the profits apportioned by a company for a specific purpose. Sometimes, the reserves are set apart for the purchase of fixed assets, pay off debt, pay for the legal settlement, or for payment of bonuses. This is done so that funds are not used for other purposes like payment of dividends. The funds kept in the reserves can be used for any purpose and no legal restrictions are implemented on the utilization of funds. Accounting for reserves is simple. The retained earnings account is debited for an amount and the same amount is credited to the reserve account. There are three kinds of reserves:

  • Capital Reserve – It is reserved for the long-term projects.
  • Securities premium reserve account – The premium on the shares above the face value of the shares.
  • General Reserve – The accumulated profits that are not distributed by the company to its shareholders.

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