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Regular Databases Assignment Help Online

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What is Meant by Database?

Data is viewed as an accumulation of different pieces of information, particularly information which has been formatted in a particular process for the utilization of analysis or deciding on something.

Generally, a database can be called a collection of records in which each of them comprises one or more than one field regarding some entity, like an organization, a person, product, city, recipe, work of art, chemical, and even sequence of DNA.

For instance, the fields in a database which is about individuals who work for a particular company can have the name, address, employee identification number, telephone number, data on which employment started, salary, and position for every worker.

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History of Database

Originally, the term “database” was written as data base. It might have been initially used in the year 1963 at a conference which was sponsored by the System Development Corporation, California. However, the use of the term “database” (single word) turned highly popular in a few European nations during the early ’70s, before it spread to the United States.

Various Kinds of Database Models

Different fundamental kinds of database models are there that include flat, network, relational, and hierarchical. These models besides describing the conforming databases’ structure also contain the operations which can get performed on them. Commonly, a database contains a schema and it is recognized as a description of the model comprising the kinds of entities which are present in it as well as the relationships that exist among them.

1. Flat Database

Amongst various databases, flat databases are the most modest ones. Earlier, they were dominating other kinds of database and still today, they are highly useful, especially for the small and simple applications.

The growth and rapid progression of electronic computers during the latter half of the 20th century resulted in the expansion of database models which happen to be more effectual in handling huge volumes of info compared to flat databases.

2. Network Database

Hypermedia can be viewed as a kind of network database and by Hypermedia is meant a computer-based information retrieval system which allows users to gain or propose access to images, text, and sound through hyperlinks.

3. Relational Database

By relational database is meant a process of organizing data so that it looks to the users to be stored in successions of interrelated tables. Earlier, this model was restricted only to academia as the theoretical basis was tough to understand and the initial commercial products, as DB2 and Oracle didn’t make their appearance felt until close to 1980. So, relational databases continued to remain the dominant kind of high-performance applications due to their ease of use, efficiency, and the capability to perform various significant jobs which hadn’t been envisioned earlier.

4. Object-Oriented Database

Object-oriented databases turned a novice focus of research partly because of the huge success that the object-oriented concept had in programming languages, like Java and C++. These databases have witnessed success in fields where it becomes important to accommodate more complex and bulk data compared to what relational systems can handle, like engineering and multimedia data.

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