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Know All About Recruitment and Selection

A business does not have to just focus on the business model. Instead, it needs to concentrate on diversified elements, such as workers, finance, supervision, and others. Just like finance remains as the lifeline of any business, the workers or employees are the driving force of the business. Therefore, for any business, the process of staffing is extremely crucial as one of the processes in financial management.

The process of staffing includes assessing the requirement of the manpower, recruiting the necessary manpower, choosing the right employees, and appointing them to their jobs. Assessing the requirement of the manpower means evaluating the needed number of people to fill the job vacancies in a business. This stage basically impacts the entire process of staffing. Even a small mistake at this stage causes a big loss to the business. No business can afford either of understaffing or overstaffing. Recruitment signifies developing the contact between the business and applicants. It suggests supplying information to the applicants who are willing to take up the job. Without recruitment, it is virtually impossible to take the staffing process forward as the process starts only where there are applicants.

Then, there is the stage of selection that means choosing the ideal candidates from all the eligible applicants having the right skillset for the job. This process is highly sensitive and therefore it requires taking decisions after a lot of discussions, deliberations, and validations. After selecting the candidates, the business stakeholders need to provide them with their offer letters and invite them to their orientation. The orientation is basically to make the employee sensitize about the work profile, functions and to acquaint them with the environment of the business.

Recruitment and selection form the crucial stages of the entire staffing process. They consist of the following stages: identifying the job vacancy, enlisting the available job types, advertising the job, filling up applications forms for the job, analyzing the applications, written tests, personal interviews, background check, final selection decision, and placement.

It is important for a business to identify the job vacancies to determine the required number of people. Different departments of the business can report the number of vacancies they have and the qualifications they find imperative in the personnel. The business needs to evaluate the kind of employees they want to hire. They need to check whether they need full-time employees or part-time employees. In addition, finding the tenure of the job is essential. Next, the business requires communicating the job requirements to the people. The advertising of the job can take place by different means including TV commercials, newspaper ads, pamphlets, or online job portals. The job applicants need to fill up the relevant form with all the necessary details and provide their resumes. The information needs to be authentic. Then, the HR department must verify the applications of the applicants promoting the candidates who appear eligible with the required skillset to the next stage of the selection process.

Written tests are important for the shortlisted candidates. The tests are there to test the knowledge of the candidates in their respective domains. The tests need to cover checks for all, psychological, technical, and general knowledge. The selectors can promote the candidates to the next stage whose knowledge they find apt. Personal interviews test the attitude and personality of the applicants toward their jobs and career in general. Their compatibility with the work environment of the business is also worth checking. Many traits including demeanor, fluency, and passion for work are crucial as well. The background check of all candidates is necessary. It checks the authenticity of the applicants by contacting the references that they provided. After a thorough examination of the details of the candidates, recruiters arrive at their selection decision. Provision of offer letters and other joining formalities after the placement take place once the candidates come onboard.

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