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RealBasic is a programming environment that is developed and marketed by a company names Xojo. RealBasic is now known as Xojo. It is a programming language of Austin, Texas used in developing software in most of the operating systems like MacOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, iOS, the Web, and Raspberry Pi. It is a development tool of desktop application, that is highly similar to VB6 and VB.NET as it is an Object Oriented BASIC programming language. BookMyEssay can save the valuable time of the students by providing them RealBasic assignment help.

It is cross-platform, which allows us to write code for once and then we can compile it according to our needs. There are many operating systems like iOS, MacOS, Windows, etc. but for all of these operating systems, we don’t have to code separately. It is one of the best features of the RealBasic environment.

History of RealBasic

In 1997, FYI Software bought CrossBasic, which was founded by Geoff Perlman. It had the ability to compile the code in various operating systems like Mac OS, Java Virtual Machine, etc. A beta version was publicly launched by them in April 1996. CrossBasic was later named as RealBasic. There are several efficient paper writers in BookMyEssay, who have more than 5 years of experience, and are very much efficient in writing assignments like RealBasic coursework help.

In the 2nd version of RealBasic Java was dropped and they concentrated on Windows and Database support. But when it was launched, it had many bugs and there were many problems in compiling the code in both Mac OS and Windows. In 2005, Linux was added and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) was ported to Windows. RealBasic case study writing can be very fruitful for the students on any topics within the deadline.

In 2010, it was renamed as the original BASIC and in 2013, Real Software officially decided to rename their software as Xojo. Xojo is now available in most of the operating systems like Microsoft Windows, x86 Linux, MacOS, 32 bit Linux, the Web, iOS, and the Raspberry Pi. In 2016, Xojo got the award “the Big Innovation Award” from the Business Intelligence Group. To get one of the best assignments in this topic, the students can take the help of RealBasic thesis paper writers from BookMyEssay.

Timeline of RealBasic


  • In 1996, Xojo was founded by Geoff Perlman in Austin, Texas. CrossBasic was acquired in 1997.
  • In 1998, RealBasic 1.0 was launched in the market at MacWorldExpo. It ran on a 68000 or PowerPC processor.
  • In 1999, Version 2.0 was a truly cross-platform development tool.


  • In 2001, support of Mac OS was added and the Windows IDE of RealBasic was created.
  • In 2005, Linux Apps were included in the support system.
  • The RealBasic becomes Xojo in 2013.

Editions of IDE

It is free software that can be used for learning and developing software. But, deploying or compiling applications using Xojo needs a license that is purchasable from the market. In Xojo Pro, there is added support, beta program access, and also access to Xojo Professionals’ forum. Not only students but the teachers of various subjects can also gather knowledge on this topic.

Project source code is not stored in plain text, unlike other programming languages. The codes can be exported to XML format and it can be saved in a format of plain-text using version control systems.

Xojo Cloud

On 11th March 2014, Xojo launched its Xojo Cloud. It was a cloud hosting service for Web applications of Xojo. The teachers and writers of BookMyEssay assure the students that any programming language assignment written by them will provide A+ grade in the exams.

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