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Random Sampling Assignment Help
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Random Sampling Assignment Help

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What You Ought to Know of Random Sampling?

Random sampling is a process in Statistics in which a subgroup of individuals is selected randomly out of a much larger set identified as population. All individuals are selected randomly in such a way that each individual has the possibility of being selected at any phase during sampling.

This process is referred to as a process of choosing a sample in which all units of the population have a predetermined probability of being chosen in the sample. The simplest type of the process in which all units are chosen on a unit by unit basis covering same probability of choice for each unit at each draw is known as simple random sampling. In this sampling, the same selection probability is allotted to all available units at the first and all next draws. There are a number of situations in which there is no reasoning for differential treatments at hand to the diversified units in the population. This means that there is no ground for reasons based on different treatments. Therefore, all the population units are to be treated similarly.

There are certain advantages of this type of sampling. A few of the prominent ones are as follows:

  • It remains free of any kind of bias and thus not impacted by the selection of the researcher.
  • It is usually more descriptive as each unit carries the same chance of being chosen.
  • It is extremely simple. Therefore, the researcher does not require exercising his brain to determine whether a specific unit can be depicted or not.
  • It is possible to assess the sampling error and assess the limit of the error owing to sampling.

However, there are certain disadvantages of random sampling, which are as follows:

  • It is extremely hard to have fully arranged universe and therefore choice as per the strictly random basis is often not feasible.
  • The studied cases may be quite widely discrete or even difficult to contact and therefore adherence to the entire sample may not be feasible.
  • With units of different sizes and with the population comprising a number of heterogeneous units, the method of random sampling is unappropriated.

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